Use Zoho Survey to help manage your events like a pro

Zoho Survey-Eventbrite Integration

Hello, event creators! We're thrilled to announce that Zoho Survey has integrated with Eventbrite to make your job easier.

We know that constructive feedback is really important to you—and a quick survey is the best way to get it. Surveys help you see how people perceive your event and which things could have been better.

They help you understand what an audience thinks by allowing you to create pre and post-event surveys that are easy to build and can be sent to a large number of people at a click.

Here's how surveys can make event management better:


Zoho Survey has 200+ templates, including a set of templates dedicated solely to events. These are designed to ensure you have a comprehensive feedback system in place for your event surveying mechanism, with different surveys to collect important data at every stage of your event management cycle.


Data collected from surveys helps you get a clearer picture as to where your event is heading. It comes with real-time reports showing detailed analytics on your survey, that you can share with colleagues and outside stakeholders.


You can also create and customize your own mailing lists, like a list of your event attendees, from your Zoho Survey account. You can send the surveys from your account, alongside customized emails. You can invite event collaborators as reviewers, share surveys and reports, and transfer surveys to them with ease. Now you can even put up the feedback from surveys on your website, making it public for everyone to see. Moreover, you can also distribute your survey across channels, including social media, emails, campaigns, and through QR codes.


Integrating with G Suite helps you transfer every survey you make into your Drive account. Collaborate with users, update the report spreadsheets in real time, and push your survey's reports and files to Drive with a few clicks.

..and lots of other stuff!

You also have the option of customizing surveys with your own branding and launching it as a survey exclusively associated with your event. Also feel free to enjoy Zoho Survey's offline response collection for getting on-the-spot responses at event sites even when you’re off of WiFi.

Follow these simple steps to set up Zoho Survey with Eventbrite.

Still confused? Here's a short video demonstrating the step-by-step set up of your Eventbrite account with Zoho Survey. It's really easy and just takes a minute.

Eventbrite with Zoho Survey helps you set up a quick and powerful event information feedback system in minutes. So start making better decisions for your events using data from Zoho Survey!


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