Authenticating signers through digital identity verification

Today, businesses of all sizes and types across the world have moved online, giving rise to an increasing number of digital agreements. It is more important than ever that these businesses verify signer identities to avoid fraud, fines, and reputational risks. In particular, businesses operating in regulated industries like banking, finance, and healthcare must have strong signer identity assurance when executing high-value agreements.

Zoho Sign offers five different methods to authenticate signers so fast-growing businesses can sign documents online with confidence:

  1. SMS

  2. Email

  3. Offline

  4. EU eID

  5. Trust service providers (TSP)

In today's time, everybody has their mobile phones on them. With SMS OTP, a one-time passcode is sent to the signer's phone number. Only after this verification can the signer view and sign a document.

Signers are sent unique OTPs to their email addresses, and they can only view and sign the documents once they verify the passcode.

With offline codes, a customized authentication code or a system-generated one is directly shared with the signer to verify their identity.

The European Union has some of the strictest regulations when it comes to digital signatures. Zoho Sign has partnered with Signicat, a leading identity provider in Europe, to verify the identity of users based in the European Union. This is done via eID-based authentication, which is compliant with the eIDAS regulation (910/2014).

Trust service providers (TSP)
It is mandatory in some regions and industries to use a personal certificate or an organization certificate issued by a recognized TSP to digitally sign documents. The signer's identity is verified via face-to-face identity verification. Zoho Sign readily integrates with reputed TSPs across regions:

Check out how Zoho Sign can help you verify signer identities and mitigate fraud. If you’re not already a Zoho Sign customer, head over to and sign up for a free 14-day Enterprise trial. For feedback, queries, and personalized demo requests, write to us at

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