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What is a qualified electronic signature?

A qualified electronic signature (QES) is the only signature type in the European Union that's legally equivalent to wet signatures. It can only be provided based on a qualified digital signature issued by a qualified trust service provider, like Uanataca.

This process involves face-to-face identity verification of the signatories.

How to set up Uanataca service?

  • Visit the Uanataca website.
  • Create your account and verify your identity through their KYC process.
  • Upon successful verification, you can eSign documents with your qualified electronic signature.

How does this integration work?

  • Zoho Sign admins can enable this integration for other users.
  • Once enabled, users can connect their Zoho Sign account and Uanataca.
  • Users can then follow the regular steps to sign documents themselves or send them out for signatures.
  • If they would like to use their QES to sign a particular document, they should select Sign with Uanataca option in the last step.
  • Users will be redirected to the Uanataca website, and upon successful authentication, document will be signed with their qualified electronic certificate.
  • The signed document will be then saved in their Zoho Sign account as usual.

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