Introducing Zoho Show's integration with Slack

If Slack is where all your work happens, why use a separate app for your presentations? Introducing Zoho Show: a collaborative presentation software for teams that Slack.

What does a Marketing channel preparing a product launch, a Finance channel trying to project a company’s cash flows and a Human Resources channel mapping out onboarding policy all have in common?

The answer: Presentation slides. The real commonality in each of these cases is the opportunity to use presentation tools to communicate the right information to the right people.

Unfortunately, traditional presentation software and Slack exists in silos, forcing teams to switch applications while working on slides. This restricts team collaboration thereby decreasing productivity.

Not anymore!

Think beyond conversations. Use presentations. 

The Zoho Show integration for Slack offers teams a unified workspace to simultaneously converse and collaborate on presentations. Just use the slash command “/zs new <title>”  to get started instantly.

Show’s contextual UI is something very simple and elegant to work with. Teams across your organization can easily adopt, access, and utilize its features without any special training.

Compatible with PowerPoint files

PowerPoint user? We’ve you covered. You can import/open your existing PowerPoint presentations (PPT, PPTX and PPSX) and work without any formatting issues using Zoho Show.

Increase productivity through collaboration

With Show’s integration, you can invite an entire Slack channel into Show and start collaborating on slides on the go. Add comments to any slide element and exchange ideas contextually.

Notify individuals or channels about changes and ensure everyone stays up-to-date. Admins can even assign roles to individuals or channels according to their tasks.

List of slash commands that are supported by Show

Animations, infographics, stock images, and more

Use Show’s advanced path animations to present your ideas dynamically. Infographics and smart elements help you portray the right information without cluttering your slides with texts. 

With Show’s free Unsplash add-on, you practically have unlimited resources for stock images. Apart from these, other features such as charts, tables, and shapes help you craft a compelling presentation to illustrate your team’s ideas.

Share presentations across channels

Zoho Show’s presentations aren’t just restricted to a particular channel inside which it is created. Simply use “/zs share” to share files to other channels or individual team members, ensuring your ideas reach every corner of your organization.

Goodbye file searches… Hello omnichannel!

No more searching for files offline and uploading them to share on Slack or vice versa. Instead, manage all your presentations inside Slack app.

Hover over files on the right panel or simply search for your presentations using slash commands. If you can’t remember the title, just use any specific words inside a slide to get your files listed. You can also pin important files if you feel it deserves your team’s attention.

Here’s a round-up of everything this integration has to offer.

See it in action

Eliminate information silos throughout your organization and deliver ideas through collaborative productivity with Zoho Show for Slack, without hopping applications. Go ahead and install the extension if you haven’t already.

Discuss on Slack. Deliver with Show.


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