Zoho Recruit integrates with Jobma for video interviews  

Today, we are happy to announce our integration with Jobma, the industry-leading video interviewing solution.

We’ve recently been talking a lot about how your hires impact company growth.

Identifying, vetting, and sourcing top talent is a key priority for any recruiter. With a crazy amount of candidate resumes flooding your inbox each day, it’s important to bring the right talent to the table every time.

With Recruit having over 6000 customers globally, we interact with recruiters and hiring managers every day. Most agree that their number one priority is “establishing a strong employer brand and delivering the best candidate experience.”

Why we do what we do
When we shipped our first version of Zoho Recruit in 2009, our vision was to streamline the candidate sourcing process and automate recruitment functions. It’s been over a decade now, but this core vision remains the same. All iterations, integrations, and improvements we’ve done for our customers and partners have brought us even closer to this goal.

That’s why Zoho Recruit is building an ecosystem where you can integrate and take advantage of products you’re familiar with.

The Zoho Recruit—Jobma integration
With this integration, it’s now easier to host video interviews for your screening process. Your team can schedule interviews, share candidates’ feedback, assign tags, and track the interview status of candidates at each stage.

This integration allows you to deliver a more effective interview process than ever before.  

When we asked Krishna Kant, Jobma’s Head of Global Business, about this integration, here was the response:

The upshot
As tech grows at a faster pace, embracing it to deliver the best candidate experience is becoming paramount.

Find out more about the Zoho Recruit and Jobma integration here.

We have much more planned for the near future, so stay tuned! Questions? Comments? Feedback? Write to us at support@zohorecruit.com


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