Introducing Mobilisten: In-app chat support for your mobile applications

Introducing Mobilisten

Businesses around the world are going mobile as people want to get things done on the go. Mobile users are accustomed to getting everything with the tap of a button or a swipe of the screen.

And if they expect that from your mobile app, won’t they want the same thing from your customer support? They don’t want to have to send an email or get on a call. Even if you’re using Zoho SalesIQ for your site, they’d have to open a browser window to connect with you on chat. Oof! That’s a lot of work. There’s got to be a better way, right?

Yes, there’s a better way. We present Mobilisten—a smooth and simple in-app chat platform powered by Zoho SalesIQ, tailored to blend perfectly with your business app. With Mobilisten, you can instantly provide support from within the app and address customer issues in real-time.


But Mobilisten is more than just support. Here are some features that not only help your agents make your customers happy, but also help boost your conversions:

  • Lead scoring allows you to target and prioritize customers precisely. Categorize leads as hot, warm,or cold, based on your criteria, and focus your attention on the leads that need it most.

Lead scoring

  • Intelligent, highly-customizable triggers automatically initiate chats with customers at key moments in the sale process to save your deals.


  • Visitor routing assigns chats directly to the user or department with the most relevant knowledge, optimizing agent workflow in the process.

Visitor routing

  • Chat departments allow visitors to choose the department they want to get in touch with.


  • Screenshot, photo, and file sharing make it easy to better understand and solve customer issues.

Share media

  • Smart notifications help you catch the attention of multi-tasking customers, so you can solve their issues and close their chats more quickly.

Smart notifications

  • Highly insightful datacollected through visitor trackinggives you context for conversations with each customer.
  • Consolidated reports and analytics keep you updated on critical information, like visitor waiting time, user availability, number of new visitors for the month, and more.


Integrate the plugin with your app today and make things easier for your agents and customers. SDK is available for both iOS and Android.


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