GST Unlocked – the gist of it.

What a great couple of weeks this has been!  

The last two weeks have kept us very busy. We’ve been organizing roadshows for our customers in different cities, to provide them with a platform to get all their GST questions answered. The five-city GST Unlocked tour ended on a high note last Friday at New Delhi.

You know the event was successful when you receive an email like this:

Durgaprasad email

Each event was full of wonderful presentations, one-on-ones, interactive Q&A sessions, and some great food. We got enthusiastic crowds at all of these events; they were full of questions and we were full of answers.

GST Unlocked

Here are some of the
common questions we were asked: 


It’s been a wonderful show, the last two weeks, thanks to the speakers and the audience. If you have any questions on GST, email us at or call us toll-free at 1800-123-7711.

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