Zoho Recruit Goes Mobile

You’re flying out for a HR conference tonight, but as a ​Recruitment Manager there’s a lot to do before you leave. Reviewing candidates, monitoring the progress of job openings, scheduling interviews, responding to emails and keeping track of your task list can be overwhelming.

The good news is Zoho Recruit lets you take care of these tasks wherever you are. With the new Zoho Recruit Mobile App you no longer have to worry about finishing everything on your to-do list​ before you leave. You can now work on-the-go.


Stay updated with the dashboard

Stay on top of everything with a simple glance at the app’s dashboard. View and navigate between scheduled Interviews, To-Dos, Job Openings and new/updated Candidates so no task goes unfinished ever again.

Say you recently viewed a marketing candidate​ but were not 100% sure if he or she was right for a job. Today you’ve changed your mind and want to reconsider. The Zoho Recruit app makes this easy by giving you quick access to recent records by simply tapping on Recent ​items.

Access your data on-the-go

The app gives you access to important ​modules and records on the Zoho Recruit server. If there’s an urgent sales position that needs to be filled and it can’t wait till you’re back in the office, ​use the search feature to lookup “sales” within the Candidates module, to display all candidates pertaining to sales. You can view these records, review attached resumes, check associated tags or quickly save vital information using notes.

If a particular sales ​candidate stands out and you would like to get back to the record, mark it as “hot” for easy future access. You can also associate candidates to a job opening from their personal records. If you want to group these records together to consider them for other sales positions, you can associate a sales tag to them.

Enjoy easy communication

Communicating with candidates and clients is incredibly easy with the Recruit app. Say goodbye to digging through your contacts or trying to remember details. Just get to the right record and tap the call or email icon. If you’ve got SMS credits in your account, you can also send the candidate or client a text.

As for the days where you walked into office and were greeted by a barrage of unread emails? Those days are over. The MailMagnet feature lets you access and reply to emails relevant to candidates and clients using your Zoho Mailbox.

Customize settings as required

The app also has a few settings that can be modified as required.

  • You can choose to display the candidate’s or contact’s first name or last name first, depending on your preference.
  • Sort and display candidates and contacts in ascending or descending order.
  • Sort Job Openings and Clients based on location and display in ascending or descending order.

Other features of the app

Do you have a meeting with a client at their office and cannot locate his or her address? The app solves this problem by displaying registered addresses on a map so you can save yourself from driving around unnecessarily.

If you are a busy recruiter who is often away from the office then the Zoho Recruit app is a must-have. The app is available for both iOS and Android users. iOS users can download from here. Android users click here to download.

We have more advanced features in our pipeline so stay tuned. We’d also love to hear your feedback and ideas, so don’t hesitate to write to us at support@zohorecruit.com.

Note: The mobile app is available only for customers using the latest version of Zoho Recruit. If you are using an older version or have any issues, please write to support@zohorecruit.com for assistance.


6 Replies to Zoho Recruit Goes Mobile

    1. Hi Ben, We'll take your suggestion into consideration and incorporate it in one of the future updates. Thanks!

  1. Major issue is not being able to edit candidate records ie change a phone number or email address with mobile version. Very annoying!

    1. Hi Barbara, The option to import candidates from your phone contacts, as well as add and edit the candidate details, will be available within two months. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jeremy, Any Zoho Recruit, iPhone user with an Administrator or Standard profile can access the mobile app. Thanks!

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