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We’re truly obsessed with how we can make your hiring experience better every single time you log in to Zoho Recruit—not just because we love our customers, but also because we run into many of these issues firsthand. Since we strictly function Zoho on Zoho (including hiring with our in-house recruiting software), we realize that certain parts of the hiring process with Recruit can be faster, more feedback-driven, and more collaborative. This helps you focus better on what needs your attention most: your candidate experience and employer brand.

To that end, in the last few weeks, we’ve released new updates that will help both hiring managers and staffing businesses hire more efficiently with Zoho Recruit. We have sped up inter-channel communication, made it easier to implement candidate and client feedback, and introduced ways to customize your experience in the Agency and Internal HR versions.

Read on for a complete recap on what’s new in Zoho Recruit for September 2021.

Introducing the Zoho Cliq integration: Notify your team as soon as you find a matching candidate profile  

Email is not always the most effective method for quick communication. If you’re having a conversation on a messaging platform, you can ask questions about or leave comments on a candidate profile and get instant replies from your teammates. Between busy schedules and video meetings, anything that speeds up communication with you and your team reduces your time to hire and your recruitment spend.

Here are the three new functions we introduced in the Zoho Recruit integration with Zoho Cliq that make it easier for you to communicate:

  • Share records with users and channels in Cliq – Whenever you’d like to share a record via Cliq, you can head over to a candidate’s detail page and select the “Share via Zoho Cliq” option. Type in your message, choose which users have to be notified, and click “Send.” Job well done.
  • Schedule a report or dashboard from Cliq – Quickly locate data-driven insights to better fuel your decision-making. For example, knowing the number of candidates associated with jobs gives you a bird’s-eye-view of the hiring pipeline. Similarly, you can share over 50+ reports/dashboards with your team so everyone can make informed hiring decisions. 
  • Update users or groups when a workflow’s status changes – Trigger notifications to specific channels/users on Zoho Cliq whenever an automated workflow moves to the next stage. For example, when you hire a candidate for a job opening, you can send an automatic message to everyone on your team.

Gather feedback from the future of your workforce with candidate satisfaction surveys

Improving candidate experience has become a critical element of recruitment, especially with how common it is now for hiring to happen remotely. The questions you ask in your recruitment satisfaction surveys often help you better understand the opinions of potential employees and optimize your hiring process.

That’s why we are now live with the all-new Zoho Survey integration!

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we recommend to our customers when they create surveys for the first time:

Survey questions: Recruiters to Candidates  

  1. How well did your recruiter explain the job details?
  2. How quickly did your recruiter return your calls and emails?
  3. How easy was your application process? (You can use a rating/slider scale to answer this.)
  4. Overall, were you satisfied with the recruiting process at our company?
  5. Do you have any questions or suggestions about how to improve the recruiting process?

Survey questions: Recruiters to Clients  

  1. Are you happy with the candidates we share with you?
  2. Do you feel you spend less time worrying about candidates and more time focusing on your company’s growth?
  3. What is your happiness quotient with {your_company_name}?
  4. Were you able to reduce the quantity of back-and-forth email conversations and track everything through your Client Portal?
  5. Are you happy with our turnaround time for your candidates’ hiring cycle?

Extend your sourcing from candidates to clients, all in about 20 seconds

Zoho Recruit’s Resume Extractor now supports adding client contacts. While the previous version had the option to source just candidates, this update sets the bar a little higher by letting you add client contacts as well.

Look at a profile, copy, click the plugin, add to Zoho Recruit—that’s how quick it is. So the next time you come across a prospective client online, don’t hesitate to add them right away to Zoho Recruit.

Head over to the help page for all the details.

Filter interviews to suit your exact needs

Views are something we already had in Zoho Recruit, but this update comes with a more accurate logic to base these views on by considering interview status as well. So whenever you look for “All Active Interviews,” instead of listing all active interviews, the system would list all active interviews along with the ones whose interview status isn’t empty. This also applies to Upcoming and Completed Interviews.

As a new addition, we’ve introduced Cancelled Interviews, which gives you immediate visibility into which interviews you canceled.

While Admins can view all records that match the filter criteria, other users can view only their interviews.

About Zoho Recruit: Enterprise-grade recruitment software packed with customizable features, Zoho Recruit is the chosen talent acquisition solution for thousands of organizations worldwide. For over 10 years, Recruit has helped staffing agencies and internal HR teams attract, select, and hire great talent from a single interface.

If you have any other feature requests, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to share with us on Twitter or in the Zoho Recruit Support Forum.


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