Introducing the improved Topic Management feature for targeted marketing

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The email preference management landscape has put pressure on businesses with the ever-emerging privacy regulations and security threats. The quest for knowing audience preferences is real for marketers in this privacy-first industry.

The best approach for knowing what your audience wants is by giving them the ability to choose. By vesting users with the power to choose what they receive in their inbox means better engagement and enduring relationships for businesses.

We at Zoho Marketing Automation have made some changes in our Topic Management feature to manage preferences with minimal friction. Designed to achieve targeted communication, it allows your subscribers to choose what topics they're interested in, whether it is newsletters, product updates, marketing materials, and more.

Let's look at some of the advantages of our Topic Management system 

      • Low unsubscribe rates
      • Better-performing campaigns with good open and click rates
      • Helps build long-lasting relationships with customers
      • Guides you in sending personalized content
      • Better overall deliverability

The Zoho Marketing Automation team has further updated this feature, making selection of topics mandatory to send any campaigns, which simply means you'll have to associate a topic with the email campaign you send.

Let's look at a few scenarios to understand how businesses of all sizes can use Topic Management. 

Scenario 1:

Imagine a fashion brand called Zylker with its branches spread across multiple verticals. This includes a clothing line called Zylker Clothing, an online accessories store called Zylker Style, and a makeup line called Zylker Cosmetics.

This is how the topics can be managed.

While choosing and creating topics in Zoho Marketing Automation, Zylker is listed as the brand. Zylker Clothing, Zylker Style, and Zylker Cosmetics are the product names. Under each product, there are multiple topics, such as Product Updates, Newsletters, Marketing and Survey emails etc.(See the image below)

MA Scenario 1

Scenario 2: 

Zylker Fashion is a single brand, selling everything under one name. Here, Zylker Fashion is the product and can have multiple topics under it, such as Newsletter, Offers and deals, Styling workshops etc.

MA Scenario 2

Scenario 3:

MA Scenario 3

Zylker has not created any topics yet, so a default topic, Marketing, will be added to the topic management section of Zoho Marketing Automation. This topic can be renamed but not deleted.

(Note: Single-product organizations don't have to create a product and map topics to it. They can directly work with the topics. However, they will have the option to move the topics under a product.)

Scenario 4: (For existing users)

Zylker is an existing user of Zoho Marketing Automation and has already identified its audience for sending product updates and promotions. However, the company occasionally sends its subscribers survey newsletters.

In the new Topic Management system, Zylker has to assign relevant topics to their leads, email campaigns, and journey in order to send emails.

MA Scenario 4

If they've already added topics to the organization, they will be migrated to their respective topic/product-topic hierarchy to match the new version. If one of their customers is assigned the topics of Marketing and Newsletter, they will not receive emails related to Product Updates or any other topic. 

The New Topic Management system 

While the existing hierarchy (Brand and Brand-Product hierarchy) remains the same we’ve ensured that email marketing and topic management are inseparable in Zoho Marketing Automation.

    • In the new setup, you can associate one or more topics with each lead rather than a list, i.e., every single lead brought into Zoho Marketing Automation either via import or transfer can be mapped to a topic.

    • Every email campaign that you send requires you to choose a topic in addition to the mailing lists or segments you’ve selected. This way you ensure that your campaign is only sent to those who have been associated to that specific topic. For example, send the campaign Webinar promotion to leads associated to the topic Webinars from the mailing list Website signups.

    • Your users can choose their topic preferences through the Manage Preference link in the email footer.

    • If a user is setting up topics for the first time, a default topic named “Marketing” will be provided to them, and they can build on the rest later.

You can switch to the new topics setup anytime before September 30, 2022, one year from now. When you do so, we will seamlessly migrate all your existing topics to the new setup.

To learn more about how Topic Management works, visit our page and watch this video.


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