Presenting HackerRank for Zoho Recruit

To find and hire in-demand developers with the right skills for your team, evaluation needs to be flawless. As a giant in the tech hiring space, HackerRank sets the benchmark for coding assessments worldwide. We’re proud to announce that HackerRank is our newest Marketplace partner. With the HackerRank integration, recruiters and hiring managers can invite candidates to take CodeScreen assessments and review the results directly from Zoho Recruit.

HackerRank makes evaluating and interviewing developers easy, fast, and fair. With over 2,000 customers, HackerRank has assessed over 30% of the developer population and shared over 91 million coding challenges. Together with Zoho Recruit, your hiring system will be as robust as they come. 

Your recruiters and hiring managers can now send HackerRank assessment invitations to candidates directly from Zoho Recruit. There is no need to navigate between the two systems, meaning fewer data transfer errors and disruptions to your recruiter’s workflow. Having a consolidated system can also help your organization provide clear and consistent communication to candidates.

What’s in it for you? Integrating your Zoho Recruit account with HackerRank delivers three game-changing benefits:

  1. Seamless evaluation: Whether it’s viewing, selecting, and sending tests or managing assessments, results, and feedback, recruiters can do it all without leaving Zoho Recruit.

  2. Better data access: By centralizing your assessment and candidate information, recruiters can easily view test results and update each application’s status.

  3. Faster, fairer hiring: Objective skill assessments eliminate bias and efficiently filter out unqualified candidates.Recruiters waste less time during the interview stage and can focus on creating a better candidate experience.

Ready to integrate with HackerRank?

It only takes a few minutes to set up and use HackerRank with Zoho Recruit. Once the integration is activated, you can send a test to a candidate from their profile. When they complete the assessment, the results will appear inside the HackerRank Assessments module.


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