Say goodbye to time theft and buddy punching

Photo Logging for Temps

Most business owners know the pain of trying to manage buddy punching. Time tracking can become a nightmare if your temps are clocking in or out for people who aren't actually present. Not only does this foster a culture of dishonesty at your workplace, but it also damages your bottom line. This is a practice that can escalate if left unchecked, and before you know it, you're paying for work that never happened.

At Zoho Workerly, we're introducing a new Photo Logging feature to our temp management software that will stop time theft and buddy punching. With it, you can be sure that the temps who clock in and out for your shifts are who they say they are.

Here's how it works. An agent can choose to enable or disable the Photo Logging feature in Zoho Workerly at any time. When it's enabled:

  • Temps will be asked to take a photo of themselves whenever they check in, check out, or take a break during their shift hours.

  • Our AI system will check if the photo matches with the profile picture already added to the Workerly system. and will flag them if any mismatch is found.

  • They will be flagged if a mismatch is found, and email alerts will be sent to the agent about any flagged photos.

This feature also works on our mobile app for both iOS and Android as well as our Workerly Kiosk, making it great remote staffing and tracking time for a dispersed workforce.

It used to be that temps used paper timesheets to log their hours, so buddy punching could go virtually undetected. Even though time tracking has now gone digital, usernames and passwords haven't stopped the issue. We use Face ID to protect our iPhones, so why not protect your organization in a similar way? Stop buddy punching and time theft for good with Zoho Workerly.

Check out this help page to learn more about photo logging for temps. And if you need any further assistance, please reach out to us at

May the tempforce be with you!


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