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Reporting Hierarchy & Approval Process

Recruiting at the corporate level requires sourcing top talent and hiring the ones you believe to be the best fit for your organization. Ideally, you want them to stay with your organization for at least five to seven years as employee turnovers can be quite expensive. The first step in reducing the likelihood of employee turnover is to assess candidates on several factors above skill and experience.

Of course, all of this is easier said than done.

Myth:Organizational management & Recruitment might not need to go hand in hand.

Assessing candidates for the most essential qualities requires a complex, multi-stage recruitment process involving multiple teams and personnel across various levels of the organization. Every member of the recruiting team is a part of an ecosystem called the “Reporting Hierarchy” — an organizational workflow that helps the supervisors understand the work of other groups, assess and reassign work.

In large organizations, information moves up and down the reporting hierarchy, where work is typically assigned to an organization unit, job, or position rather than an individual. Moreover, supervisors are responsible for assessing the task assigned to their organizational unit. They have to consider significant factors like how relevant is the work, whether it needs to be transferred to a more appropriate group, and also whether or not that team can efficiently deliver it.

Without efficient automation and a proper layout of the process, hiring a single candidate can take months due to delays in information passing between teams or levels of the organization.

Switching to an HRM solution is the best way to organize and automate organization hierarchies and the processes that come with them.

You can do all of this within Zoho Recruit.

 Introducing Zoho Recruit’s Reporting Hierarchy

The Reporting Hierarchy feature lays out a clear organizational blueprint by incorporating your organization ladder into your recruitment process. How? Zoho Recruit enables you to assign reporting managers to the users in your organization for efficient record accessibility and data sharing.

This structure ensures controlled access to information for users within the organization and also ascertains that a user has only one reporting manager.

We’ve enhanced the functionality of this feature by incorporating a streamlined approval process automation tool.

 Introducing Zoho Recruit’s Approval Process

As a recruiter, you may encounter several instances in your organization’s hiring process where certain actions need the approval of one or more senior decision-makers. For instance, recruiters may need the hiring manager’s approval for creating job openings that fall under certain criteria. Handling this outside your recruitment software can be tiring as you’d have to handle certain tasks within the system and the others offline. In your recruitment database when there are loads of decisions to be approved, it becomes a tiresome task to sort through records and send them for someone’s approval.

Zoho Recruit’s Approval Process feature makes life easier by automating these monotonous tasks. Design and execute approval processes that include every level of your Reporting Hierarchy and create a standardized to-and-fro information exchange system. Specify what records (Candidates, Job Openings, etc.) need to be approved, who should approve them and what happens upon approval/rejection (tasks, web hooks and field updates).

Take your first step towards becoming a more channeled and organized recruitment firm.

Combine your organization’s reporting hierarchy with your recruitment strategy today.

Be insightful. Be one step ahead. Be Recruit-ready!


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