Introducing Zoho Cliq's new integration with Zoho Projects

Everything starts as an idea—the next big thing your team wants to build, a feature addition to your product, designing a website, or constructing a building. For any idea to take shape, you need a process in place. And Zoho Projects offers a comprehensive way to cover everything from initial planning, capturing requirements, and setting milestones, to tracking outcomes.

The omnichannel approach

Understanding task dependencies is critical when building a solid project plan. Think about it—you might have to collaborate on a work item with someone who isn't a direct contributor to the project, with no access to project updates and details. A common platform where you can keep everyone involved in the project is critical.

And remember—stats don't lie! A study by the Project Management Institute revealed that one out of five projects is unsuccessful due to ineffective communication. Clearly, organizations that communicate more effectively have more successful projects.

Better team coordination

Think of a project as a puzzle, and all tasks related to the project as the pieces. The puzzle will come together only when it's being assembled in one place!

All of this is to say that channelizing project interactions, notifications, task updates, and decisions on one platform just makes it easier to track. With Zoho Cliq's integration with Zoho Projects, you can learn about changes in Projects while effectively collaborating with your team—right within Cliq.

Now let's learn how centralizing your communication can improve your project efficacy.

@Projects bot

The @Projects bot keeps you in the know, with real time notifications for issues you're assigned, reports on your work's progress, and easy access to your task list. These alerts are handy for quickly taking action on critical bugs that might impact your customers. You can also set up granular project updates by enabling the bot's configure menu action.

Channelize your work

Transform Cliq into your project's activity feed by linking a specific channel with a project. Task and issue notifications are updated automatically alongside other conversations, so everyone can stay up to date without flipping tabs back and forth.

/projects command

The /projects command fetches the list of open tasks and issues you're assigned. You can also type /projects [@username] to get the list of tasks and issues assigned to the specific user. If you want to add a quick comment to a task you're discussing on chat, then this command is for you.

Conversations into work items

Take immediate action on messages by turning them into structured work items. You can convert Cliq messages into a task, or assign it as an issue in a project.

Here's a round-up of everything this integration has to offer.

See it in action

The Zoho Projects integration with Cliq combines collaboration and communication, ensuring your team is right on track, without having to switch tabs for context. Go ahead and install the extension if you haven't already!

We bet you'd love to see this integration in action, so tune into our demo webinar to learn more.

For step-by-step instructions on how to install this extension and set it up, visit our help guide.

We'd love to get your feedback on this integration, so leave us some comments below, or drop an email to support[at]zohocliq[dot]com


2 Replies to Introducing Zoho Cliq's new integration with Zoho Projects

  1. Is Cliq integrated across platforms, including Connect now? It is annoying to have to use different apps and platforms to communicate across ZohoOne apps/programs. I haven't used Cliq in the past because of this lack of integration.

    1. Hi Dave, Yes, Cliq is available across most of the Zoho Products as a chat bar and you can access all your chats, channels from there. As for this integration, it is exclusively built to help automate workday activities and easily track your project's progress from Cliq. Do try installing the extension and let us know how it helps you :)

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