The employee perception: staying true to your EVP

Your employee value proposition (EVP) puts into perspective what your organization stands for as an employer. But is your talent really perceiving you as you put yourself out to be?

Employer perception

A lot of work goes into creating and building your employer brand, but this is in vain without the right brand advocacy from your employers. The EVP is what your company promises to your employees in terms of benefits, culture, values, and growth in return for their service and commitment to the company. It's why talent wants to find you, and why they want to stay in your company.

Your EVP vs. your employee's perception 

To make sure that your values come through as you intend them to, you need to stay true to your promise and establish consistent communication across all touchpoints. Understand your business and its goals, and then define your ideal candidate's persona before you establish your offerings as a company.

Going the extra mile  

The best way to understand how your brand is perceived by your employees is to just ask them. If you want to make an impactful difference, it is important to understand how your employees truly feel about being a part of your company.

employee feedback

Moreover, making employees feel more involved in decision-making is crucial to improve organizational commitment.

Garnering feedback 

It helps to create avenues for your employees to voice their opinion. Consistently create and share surveys to understand your employee's view of your organization, and make reviews anonymous if you can so that your employees feel more comfortable bringing their thoughts to light.

feedback form

Candidate's perception depends on what they see 

Just like how you would do a complete background check before hiring someone, candidates do their research too. This is why it is of utmost importance that you prioritize reputation management and repair.

Pay careful attention to what people are saying about your company, clean up reviews, respond with empathy, and get to the root of the problem and fix them if you can. If there has been any backlash, make sure that you are prepared to answer candidates' questions when they come up.

Show your potential candidates that you really care about your employees, and make sure that you are there for your candidates by consistently communicating with them.

Making your employees a key part of the hiring process 

Earned branding from your employees is far more authentic and cost effective than any other branding effort. Foster a culture of transparency between your current and future employees, and make sure that they connect at some point in the hiring process. Letting your candidates hear from your employees themselves can be an incredible value add to your candidate's recruitment experience and can give your employees a sense of identity and belonging to the company.

Drawing a bridge between perception and reality  

The success of your organization's talent acquisition and retention strategy lies in how well your employees perception aligns with your EVP. By embracing transparency, seeking feedback, and integrating employees into the hiring process, you not only enhance your employer brand but also foster a workplace culture that attracts and retains top-tier talent. An authentic employer brand is not just a reflection of who you claim to be but a manifestation of the values and experiences your employees share with the world.

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