Introducing Scheduled Maintenance in Zoho FSM!

Scheduled Maintenance

Zoho FSM has been turning heads for being a complete field service management solution for service businesses. With a host of features and useful integrations, it is helping service businesses automate their entire spectrum of field operations.  

Now, we are delighted to unveil the latest feature in Zoho FSM — Scheduled Maintenance.

What is scheduled maintenance?

Scheduled maintenance refers to periodic inspections and repairs to maintain equipment and facilities to ensure continued functionality.

It is a proactive approach to maintenance that helps minimize downtime due to equipment failure, reduces unexpected repair costs, and keeps machinery or hardware running in optimal condition.

How can scheduled maintenance impact business operations?

Most organizations rely on machinery or infrastructure to run their business. These are likely to undergo wear and tear and cause breakdowns at an inopportune moment. Unexpected downtimes can result in losses in time and money.

Regular checks help you find issues before they arise. It is also better to spend on preventive maintenance rather than incur sudden repair costs.

Beyond this, keeping assets and facilities in their best condition ensures a safe and productive working environment.

How does Zoho FSM handle scheduled maintenance?

Maintenance Plan

A key aspect of scheduled maintenance is the creation of work orders and service appointments for each service. It is a time-consuming and repetitive task.

Scheduled Maintenance within Zoho FSM lets you set up a schedule and automate creating recurring work orders and service appointments. Based on this, field agents can be dispatched to the customer’s site to check and complete any necessary repairs.

Setting up a plan

Choose a daily, weekly, or monthly interval for your maintenance plan. You can add further details to specify a day of the week or a date in a month for service. You can also define when the service records are created. By generating the work order and the service appointment earlier, your Dispatcher can plan and allocate the ideal resources in advance.

Scheduled Maintenance caters to different kinds of routine maintenance jobs. For asset-based services, you can choose the asset while creating the work order template.

Work order template

Once you have added details to the work order and service appointment templates, save them and see a preview of the schedule and batch dates on a calendar.

Zoho FSM generates work orders and service appointments at specified intervals. You can find them on the Dispatch Console and assign the job to the ideal field agent.

You can also click on any maintenance plan to view the details of the upcoming schedules and the history of the schedules and batches.

The Scheduled Maintenance feature is now available in the Professional plan in Zoho FSM. You can read more about maintenance plans and get started with Zoho FSM here. We also have a detailed guide and a video to help you further explore the feature.

Scheduled Maintenance lets you streamline periodic maintenance activities and run them over long periods without slip-ups. Offer consistent maintenance services, maximize revenue, build trust, and foster long-lasting customer relationships.


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