Branding and Formatting Resumes Inside Zoho Recruit

Branded ResumesIt was an amazing weekend. You spent time with family and friends, had dinner at your favorite restaurant and even caught a last-minute show from one of your favorite bands.

But now it’s Monday morning. You walk into the office — coffee in hand — open your laptop, log in to your email and there they are.

Dozens of emails from candidates applying to different job postings from each of your clients.

Your job? Look over the resumes, find the top candidates for each job posting and forward them along to prospective employers. However, before you can send off these resumes, you need to make sure each client knows which staffing agency that particular resume came from.

Fortunately, Zoho has the solution. With the new Branded Resume feature inside Zoho Recruit, recruiters can add their staffing agency’s logo, watermark and contact information to every resume before forwarding them to clients for consideration. Additionally, staffing agencies can also use this new feature to edit resumes and remove candidate contact information without downloading each resume.Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.50.44 AM

This ensures that your clients not only know where the resume came from, but also that the client cannot circumvent you and contact the candidate directly. Bottom line, making sure you get credit.

Once the clients confirm mutual interest in the candidate, they can move forward with the recruiting process.

This new feature is available only for the Recruiter Admin at staffing agencies and only in the paid edition of Zoho Recruit.

Utilizing Other Branded/Formatted Resume Features

Along with adding your company logo or watermark and removing contact information from resumes before forwarding them to clients, this new feature gives Recruiter Admins additional options.

After configuring branded/formatted resumes in the settings page, staffing agencies can then generate a branded resume and view it below the candidate’s original resume. From there, recruiters have the option of making any changes to the resume before saving.

The next step for recruiters is forwarding a branded resume on to a client for consideration. Zoho Recruit makes this process easy and painless. In a few clicks, recruiters can attach and email a branded resume to a client without going through other email options.

Recruiters also have the ability to generate branded/formatted resumes in bulk — saving recruiters valuable time and energy — and forward branded resumes in bulk to a single client without leaving Zoho Recruit.

Branding and formatting resumes is now only a click away for Zoho Recruit users. For full details on how to configure branded/formatted resume visit the help pages on the Zoho Recruit website.


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