Zoho Projects Update : Performance tuning and printing

Zoho Projects had an update yesterday and the focus was on performance. You should find Zoho Projects much faster than before. We are working further on the performance front and you should be seeing much more improvement over the next few weeks.

Print functionality has now been added. You can use your browser’s ‘Print’ menu and print any of your Zoho Projects pages. The update also fixed a few bugs.

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  1. Hi, it is very usefull to be able to print tasks, so everybody who works on a construction site for exemplo, can take with them your daily tasks. however , bearing in mind the objective of facilitating reading and distribution activities , I would like to request an improvement in layout printing. 2 things are important to improve this feature: 1 - The Project Title should be printed in the top of the page 2 - We must be able to select witch columns would be printed 3- Most Importante, we shuld be abre to set size of printed tasks bigger, so peoble can read it better, acctually wen we have many tasks, it is printed to small, so very dificult to read. The feature A- and A+ at the top of the page, don´t work enought. Hope you can do it fast. Regards, Moacir

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