Zoho Projects Update : Additional responsibility for Managers & more

A limited functionality in Zoho Projects that many of our users have been pointing out : Only the Administrator (the one who sets up the Zoho Projects account) can add new Projects. With the latest update, Managers can add projects too.

The ‘My Home’ page of Zoho Projects added a few niceties. The Administrator and the Managers can now view it based on any other user (to get a bird’s eye view of what an Employee’s project calendar looks like). Task notes can be seen on mouse-over of the ‘Notes’ icon and the task timer can now be updated from the ‘My Home’ page itself.

A task can now be easily copied (upto 6 copies). Documents uploaded can be seen in a list view or a thumbnail view. And the images can be previewed before downloading. Recent forum comments have been made viewable at the right panel of the forums page. Search on files uploaded can now be performed based on tags as well as file extensions (eg., typing .doc will get you all .doc files)

The new features as a Zoho Show slide show above.

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