Zoho Projects Update

Zoho Projects had an important update just now. Three most wanted features requested by you users are part of this update.

You can now attach notes to individual tasks. This brings in greater flexibility/benefit as you can now add description/comments for a task, keep track of task completion etc.

Administrators are now allowed to clear projects and start them afresh. This is an improvement over the past implementation where a project can only be archived. The new implementation will allow users a choice – either to archive their projects for later reference or delete old project data in one go This addresses user concerns of a simple delete option at the project level not being available in Zoho Projects before (hey Marty, this one is for you especially ;-)).

One oft heard feedback from users was that meetings can’t be set as recurring in Zoho Projects. Not anymore. Users can now schedule recurring meetings every day, week, month or year.

Other than the above, the current update includes the following features too – Users can now update their job title and contact details like mobile/phone number etc. Other than archiving projects, completed milestones can now be archived too to avoid clutter. And whenever a forum post is being typed, the user can see a preview of it at the bottom. Performance tweaks have also been done on select operations.

Try out the latest in Zoho Projects and have your say in the comments below or write to us at feedback(at)zohoprojects(dot)com.


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