Zoho People - Multiple Criteria. Simple Approvals.

Approvals are required to ensure smooth workflow in an organization – be it for project submissions, timesheets, billing, leave or any other forms. The standard approval process involves a reporting manager approving his employees’ forms.
However, what if different forms required different levels of approvals to satisfy different criteria?

Bill, the HR Manager of Falcon Enterprises, wants to streamline his time-off approval process. It seems like he has too many conditions:
(a) The approval has to be triggered only if an employee is on leave for 3 days.
(b) This to be the case just for casual leaves and not any other.
(c) It is exclusive to certain designations in his organization and not for all the employees.
(d) Finally, the records are to be subjected to multi-level approvals.

Clearly, primitive approval processes cannot handle any such requirements.
That’s why Zoho People lets you configure unlimited approvals. This is how its done:

1. Select the Form for Approval


Zoho People lets you configure your approvals based on individual forms and modules. Different forms like leave applications, timesheets, employee details, exit details, etc., can have specific settings. All you have to do is select the ‘form type’ from the drop down menu and the required criteria can be set.
Yes, it’s that simple!

2. Specify the Criteria


With Zoho People, you can set unlimited approval criteria for each form that is selected. Let’s take the “Employee leave form” for example. The inbuilt list comprises of every possible ‘approval type’ right from approvals based on roles, designations, etc., to approvals for the no.of days/hours, type of leave, reason for leave and the likes. Leave balance available from the previous and the current year can also be taken into account. It doesn’t stop here. Using the “Add” icon, you can add as many criteria as you require.
Like we said already – the configurations are endless!

3. Assign Multi-Level Approvals


Now, more than just one person in your organizational structure can approve your forms. With Zoho People, you can not only configure up to 5 levels of approval but can also decide the order in which the approvals are executed. Plus for your easy understanding, we provide a visual representation too. This ensures improved control over the entire approval process. After all, better control warrants smoother workflow!

4. Customize Approval Email Templates


You can set up email notifications for approvals and fully customize them, so the messages are personalized. Here’s how we make it easier. Zoho People’s templates have the option of including placeholders that link field values directly to the message. All you have to do is add your message, fill in the values and click save.

Zoho People ensures flexibility and customization for various approval needs. It’s intricate yet simple.
Switch to Zoho People! After all, you deserve an easy day at work.


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