Understanding the goals of a performance review

Understanding the goals of a performance review

Performance reviews go a long way toward motivating employees to be productive and bring out their best self at work. While conducting a performance review, it’s essential to make the process as relaxed as possible and ensure that your employees get valuable insights to improve their performance. Having a clear idea of what you wish to achieve from the reviews will make them more focused and useful to your employees.

Understanding the goals of a performance review

If you’re new to conducting performance reviews or if you’re part of a small business that is just starting them we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the major goals of a performance review:

  • Help employees understand their strengths, weaknesses, how they are contributing to organizational growth, and how they can expand their role

  • Identify the skills required to help employees reach their full potential at work

  • Evaluate employee performance against organizational goals and make them aware of future goals

  • Recognize and reward employee achievements and motivate them to work better

  • Understand how each of your employees work and align their performance with different tasks

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