Reduce unplanned absences with the Bradford Score

Frequent unscheduled absenteeism increases the workload of employees who are present, and this can hurt their morale, drag down productivity, and put the growth of your organization at stake. That’s why many HR departments have started using the Bradford Score, a formula to analyze the impact of frequent unplanned absenteeism.

Understanding the Bradford Score

Recently, the Bradford Score was rolled out in Zoho People to help our customers automate the process of calculating this essential metric. The Bradford Score in Zoho People allows you to:

  • Associate a required Bradford Score to any leave type, defining the number of threshold levels and configuring the range associated with each level.

  • Customize the threshold range for specific employees who have genuine reasons to take time off frequently.

  • View detailed reports that indicate the Bradford Score and the associated threshold range of each employee.

  • Merge time-off occurrences that have been applied for separately but for the same reason. Occurrences can also be split.

  • Add workflows to send automated email notifications when the score exceeds the maximum limit for a specific leave type, changes threshold levels, reaches a specific level, and more.

Check out our HR Knowledge Hive for more detailed information about what a Bradford score is, why it’s important, and how to use it in Zoho People.


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