Here's how an HRIS helps different employees

More and more organizations are going above and beyond to improve employee experience in their organization. Along the way, many organizations are moving towards HR technology to simplify HR operations and empower employees. An HRIS, also known as a Human Resource Information System, is a combination of HR and information technology that automates HR workflows and consolidates your data in one system.

Who uses HRIS

Here’s how HRIS technology can be useful to different employees in an organization:

  • HR professionals can make use of an HRIS to automate and improve the HR workflows in an organization. They can onboard employees, digitize and centralize paperwork, generate insights from data analytics, automate time off and attendance management, and more.

  • Employees are empowered to manage their own tasks like applying for time off, submitting essential information, viewing announcements, marking attendance, and more through a self-service portal.

  • Payroll officials can use the time-off and attendance data stored in the HRIS to facilitate error-free payroll processing.

  • Managers can make use of the HRIS to run performance reviews for their employees, track team projects, and both provide and receive valuable feedback.

Learn more about how an HRIS can be useful to different employees in your organization from our HR Knowledge Hive.


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