Introducing Zoho People Kiosk: Clock in and out in seconds with facial recognition

At Zoho People, we are always on the lookout for different ways to step up our HR software’s functionality and make it more useful to our customers.

Introducing Zoho People Kiosk

In this pursuit, our team has developed Zoho People Kiosk, an extension of our facial recognition feature, and we’re super excited to share it with you today. Take a look!

 What is Zoho People Kiosk?

Zoho People Kiosk is an attendance management application from Zoho People that allows employees to check in and check out through facial scanning. It captures an employee’s image, matches it with the profile pictures stored in their server, and allows employees to check in and out only when their identity is confirmed. This application can be installed on any internet-capable tablet, phone, or computer, and kept near the reception or the front desk so employees can check in or out whenever they enter or leave your organization. Their attendance will be marked, and their total working hours will be automatically recorded inside the application.

 Why Zoho People Kiosk?

Every employee working from your office premises, regardless of whether they have access to Zoho People or not, can now mark their attendance with Zoho People Kiosk. Keep employees from forgetting to clock their hours each day by having a check-in station right at your front desk. With the attendance data of your entire workforce consolidated in a single place, Kiosk helps reduce timesheet and payroll discrepancies. Also, because facial recognition technology is used, unauthorized entrances and buddy punching can be prevented altogether. Nobody other than your employees can enter your office premises without suitable permission.

 How does Zoho People Kiosk work?

Configuring Zoho People Kiosk on your device is simple. The admin for the organization’s Zoho People account must configure the Kiosk Portal feature in their settings. Then, install the Zoho People Kiosk application on whichever device you want to set up as a check-in station, and it’ll be good to go. Here’s a brief explanation of how the whole process works:

 Step 1: Set up the Kiosk Portal inside Zoho People

First navigate to the Kiosk Setup option under settings in the Attendance module. You’ll have to give a name for the Kiosk based on the location where this facial recognition attendance setup is going to be deployed. Once this is done, you’ll have to add the credentials that’ll help you log in to the Zoho People Kiosk application.  Once this step is completed, you’ll be ready to install the Zoho People Kiosk application on the device of your choice.

 Step 2: Installing Zoho People Kiosk

If you are going to use a mobile phone or tablet, you’ll have to install the Zoho People Kiosk application from the Google Play Store or App Store. Once you log in with the suitable credentials, your employees will be able to check in and check out with the help of facial recognition.

If you are going to use the Zoho People Kiosk application on your computer, you’ll have to copy the Kiosk link from inside the Kiosk Setup option under the settings in the Attendance module. Once you paste the link in your browser, you’ll be able to access the application from your computer.

Disclaimer: Liveness detection and anti-spoofing through depth detection are currently available in a limited number of devices.

We are working to extend these features to other devices.

Full anti-spoofing supported devices:

Front camera: iPhone X to iPhone 13, iPad Pro 3rd Gen or newer; Front & rear camera: iPhone 14

Learn more about Zoho People Kiosk

Attendance must be tracked accurately to improve productivity and pay employees on time. With our all-new Zoho People Kiosk app, you can set up an attendance management system powered by facial recognition right in your front office and track the attendance of every employee without any errors. Give this feature a try and let us know how it works for your organization in the comments section below! Got questions? Please feel free to send an email to

 If you want to learn more about how to take advantage of Zoho People Kiosk in your organization, we encourage you to check out our knowledge base for more information.


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