Introducing Zoho People for Microsoft Teams

These days, employees are expecting their organization to provide a convenient working experience so they can complete their everyday tasks with a click of a button without having to juggle multiple systems. They are not for business processes that make them do the same work multiple times.

Introducing Zoho People for Microsoft teams

 After being in the HR space for more than 10 years now, we at Zoho People are always looking for better ways to make HR processes easy and seamless for employees. With this goal in mind, we are super excited to let you all know that we have introduced Zoho People for Microsoft Teams. Zoho People will be available as an extension application in the Microsoft store. If your organization is using both Zoho People and Microsoft Teams, this useful integration will help your employees and managers finish some of the most important HR functions from Teams itself without having to log in to Zoho People every time. In this blog, we’ll break down what Zoho People’s integration with Teams offers.

How does Zoho People for Microsoft Teams work?

As soon as you configure Zoho People for Microsoft Teams, your users will be able to find the chatbot named Zoho People in the chat space. This Zoho People chatbot will help users find key HR information from their Zoho People account. By using the Zoho People chatbot in Teams, your employees can:

  • Check in and check out to mark their attendance

  • Submit attendance regularization requests

  • Check for their leave balances and apply for leave

  • Fetch their upcoming holiday list to plan their responsibilities

  • Find details about a project that they are working on

  • Search for their peers and know if they are present or on leave to collaborate with them seamlessly

  • Track the status of timesheets, attendance regularization requests, and leave approvals

  • Remind their managers about pending approvals

In addition, managers will be able to view and approve/reject the leave, timesheet, attendance, and shift change requests they receive from their team members through Teams without having to move to Zoho People.

 For instance, let’s assume the biometric system in your organization fails to capture certain employees’ attendance due to a system issue, and following that, employees who were marked absent wrongly raise an attendance regularization request to rectify their incorrect attendance entry. They can do so from Teams themselves. Similarly, managers can ask the Zoho People chatbot in Teams to fetch all the regularization requests and approve/reject them from Teams without having to go through Zoho People.

How can you start using Zoho People for Teams?

Zoho People’s extension for Teams can be enabled in just a few steps. All your employees have to do is download Zoho People’s application from the Microsoft software, authorize it to get started, and sign in using their Zoho account or Microsoft account linked with Zoho. To stay updated on approval notifications, suitable permissions have to be enabled within Zoho People. Check out our detailed help document to get started with Zoho People for Teams seamlessly!

Wrapping up

We hope this new integration from Zoho People helps you make HR processing simple and seamless for your employees. Encourage your users to give this feature a try and let us know your feedback in the comments section below!


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