How to upgrade your talent retention strategies

As Gen Zers enter the workforce in full swing and millennials climb to higher levels of management, it’s time to amp up your talent retention strategies to stay ahead of your competition. The younger generation of workers place more importance on culture, values, transparency, trust, and work-life balance than their counterparts in older generations.

How to improve talent retention strategies

To attract and retain these employees, it’s important to develop more progressive talent management initiatives. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • First impressions matter. Make sure your application and interview process are consistent with your organizational culture. For example, if your employees wear jeans to the office, don’t mark candidates down for dressing more casually for the interview.

  • Empower your employees to work independently and stop directing their every action. Let them think on their own and get hands-on experience with different tasks.

  • Help your employees understand the real purpose behind the work they do and how it benefits the larger community. Explain what you strive to achieve with your products and services.

  • Offer skill development programs that help your employees grow both professionally and personally. Invest in their growth and show you care about their development just as much as the company’s.

  • Acknowledge and appreciate your employees’ accomplishments every time. Trophies, certificates, bonuses, and raises all work great when it comes to employee recognition, but regular compliments or even a simple thank you go a long way.

  • Develop a comprehensive feedback system that fosters an open and transparent work environment. Listen carefully to your employees’ concerns, suggestions, ideas, and feedback.

 Read more about these tips to improve talent retention strategies in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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