How mobile learning can improve employee training programs

Mobile learning is an important aspect of flexible work arrangements that is becoming more and more popular. The increased use of smartphones has revolutionized employee learning and development. Many organizations are open to adopting mobile learning to provide a better learning experience for their employees.

Benefits of mobile learning

Here are some notable benefits that come with mobile learning:

  • Provides flexibility by allowing employees to learn at their own pace

  • Saves a lot of time as several employees can be trained at once

  • Allows employees to select the course that is the most suitable for them

  • Improves employee retention by giving employees career growth opportunities

  • Enhances employee engagement by providing a personalized learning experience

  • Enables employees to refer to the learning materials whenever they need clarification

Mobile learning provides a seamless learning experience for employees, allowing them to learn whenever they feel comfortable. As one of the most successful extensions of e-learning, mobile learning can improve the efficiency of your organization’s learning programs. That is why we at Zoho People have included our Learning Management System in Zoho People’s Android and iOS mobile application. Now your employees can learn on the go, breaking geographical and time constraints.

Read more about the benefits of mobile learning in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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