Here's how you can show your remote employees you care

Remote work has become the go-to approach when it comes to creating a flexible work environment. While both employees and organizations have found remote work extremely beneficial, it can also cause individuals to feel secluded. Some employees may also find it difficult to draw the line between work and life.

How to care for remote employees

In this blog post, we’re bringing you five ways to show your remote employees you care:

  1. Adopt different remote communication techniques to stay connected with your employees. Encourage managers to touch base with their teams at least once a week.

  2. Introduce employee resource groups (ERGs) to bring employees with similar interests together.

  3. Empower your remote workforce to practice self-care by providing the necessary support. It can be as simple as being mindful of the assigned workloads or introducing initiatives to strengthen their well-being.

  4. Help your remote workforce feel connected with your organization by keeping them in the loop. Be sure to share important updates and explain the “why” behind major decisions and changes.

  5. Invite your employees to regular, in-person meet-ups when possible. For example, you may gather teams for an evening of games, casual-chit chat, and some recognition.

Read more about the different ways to care for remote employees in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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