Here's how organizations can track employee time off accurately

Tracking employee time off accurately keeps employee satisfaction levels high and ensures compliance with applicable labor laws. Any glitches in the approval process can hurt employee morale.

4 different ways to manage Employee Time off

Here are four different ways to track employee time off:

  • Time-off tracking software: This is one of the best ways to track time off, as it allows employees to apply for leave and sends requests for approval automatically.

  • HR spreadsheets: These enable employees to apply for leave from a spreadsheet that has a list of all the available leave types.

  • Emails: This method has been used traditionally to apply for leave, wherein employees get their leave approved or rejected by emailing their leave request to their reporting managers and HR team.

  • Paper-based processes: This approach requires employees to submit their leave request application physically to their reporting manager or HR team.

Read more about the different ways to track employee time off in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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