Customer Spotlight: How Visual BI Used Zoho People to Empower Employees


“We were looking for a one-stop solution for managing our HR processes and we are glad we found Zoho People,” said Brinda Jayaram, HR Manager at Visual BI.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Visual BI is a leading consulting firm in business intelligence and analytics, driving high-touch customer engagements through an agile delivery model. The company enables big data analytics and visualization for its customers, on the cloud.

Their World Before Zoho People
Towards the end of 2013, Visual BI decided to put in place a human resource management system. Defining work flows and other HR processes was becoming complicated due to their rapid growth. Manual processes inundated their small HR team. Their agile delivery model called for quick and accurate customer response.

“We wanted to move towards a web-based system, rather than use manual methods and email typically used by smaller companies,” recalls Brinda. “We faced great difficulty in managing employee needs with regard to attendance, time-off, approvals and expense reimbursements.”

What Changed
Visual BI first started using Zoho People exclusively for attendance and employee database management. Using the flexibility of Zoho People, they customized forms to keep track of the training programs, registrations, travel reports and other employee details.

Soon, their use of the system evolved from workflow management to compliance.

“Our team managers can now just click on an employee record in Zoho People and view the individual’s training details – from program registration to training completion,” added Brinda.

Next, the entire reimbursement process was automated. Employees can now just enter expenses and upload bills directly to get them processed, instead of constantly hitting up the HR team. Visual BI also uses Feeds and Notifications within Zoho People to make announcements or pass on information to all the employees in the organization.

“It helps us save time and we need not contact employees individually,” said Brinda.

The Impact
Visual BI is excited over the amount of time and resources they have saved. Their entire HR process is now automated and their employees are empowered to handle day-to-day activities on their own. No more running to the HR department!

“Zoho People has helped us in completely streamlining our HR processes,” says Brinda. “But what’s even more amazing is that it actually empowers and enables our own employees in the process. They serve themselves and everyone wins.”

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