Are Your Employees in the Loop? How Zoho People Simplifies Communication in any Organization

Have you ever had employees tell you that there’s a lack of communication in their team? Have there been upsets or misunderstandings across departments?

If you choose software that’s capable of catering to every employee, your HR can become the gateway for effective internal communication. Read on to see how Zoho People can keep everyone in the loop.

The Self-Service Portal: The best medium for communication

The Self-Service Portal in Zoho People is the most essential component in employee-HR communication in an HRMS system. Because the portal provides universal access, HR can regularly provide relevant information to employees by posting announcements, or by sending out reminders or quick links. This way, everyone knows what’s going on.

The Dashboard: Data at your fingertips

The layout of the dashboard is designed to quickly give you a page full of the most important data that you would love to have access to at all times. Top-level management has access to the most up-to-date information and reports, so both executives and HR can stay on the same page. When both management and HR have access to the same data, meetings run more efficiently and emails aren’t as long.

Notifications and Reminders: Stay up to date

The best emails are the ones that immediately give you proper instructions or notifications, so you don’t have to spend extra time checking calendars or setting reminders on your phone.
Zoho People lets you set up automatic emails to send to employees as reminders to complete their tasks or timesheets, or as notifications when managers have approved requests.

The Performance Appraisal Module: Personalized feedback from peers

Gone are the days when only management gave performance appraisals. Appraisals have become more inclusive by asking everyone in an organization to give feedback to their peers. To align with the new style of appraisals, Zoho People’s performance appraisal module lets peers rate each other by providing feedback on their experiences together on projects or assignments. With a social-media style UI that records all comments in the form of a feed, Zoho People encourages employees to be more casual in their peer review and makes it easy to share feedback frequently. When employees can see positive comments from their peers, they can get a fuller sense of the value they add and the contributions they make.

Communication is key to creating a healthy work environment. Create a better employer-employee relationship by developing a strong yet informal communication system in your organization.


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