5 performance metrics that are actually important to track

As an HR professional, performance management is one of the many important tasks that you are responsible for. How well you gauge employee performance and provide feedback can go a long way towards improving your organization’s success and growth.

5 employee performance metrics that matter

While too much emphasis on metrics can be damaging to your employees, here are five that can actually help guide your people management strategies in the right direction. 

  • Work Quality

Quality over quantity sounds like a cliché, but many organizations still measure success by how many hours a person works or how many tasks they complete. This metric will help you understand how each of the tasks that your employees do or each of the hours they spend at work adds value to your product or service.

  • Time Management

Nothing hampers an excellent final product like it being months overdue. Unreasonable deadlines can encourage lackluster performance and corner cutting, but deadlines that are mindful of employee workloads and capabilities can improve work quality and engagement.

  • Training

The willingness to take on new training programs is a very important performance metric. How interested are you employees in learning new skills? After a training program, do you see them applying those learned skills to their everyday work? This can speak to your employees’ motivation and whether your training programs are useful or not. 

  • New Initiatives

The eagerness to be creative and take on new initiatives is one of the most important indicators of how passionate your employees are about their work. Seeing what interests them also helps you determine if their career progression is on the right track for your organization.

  • Productivity

True productivity is the ultimate balance between your employees’ work quality and time management abilities. The more productive your employees are, the more growth your organization will see.

When you use the right metrics to measure and improve employee performance, there’s nothing that can stop your organization from progressing. Head over to our HR Knowledge Hive to learn how to use the metrics to accurately measure employee performance.


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