Startups, Emerging Businesses and Zoho Payroll - Read how thousands of businesses have taken to Zoho Payroll like a fish to water

India is home to many innovative startups and emerging businesses. The entrepreneur survey of 2021 indicates that there's been a meteoric increase in the number of startups that are born each day.

For most of these organisations, for the first few years, the key is to be agile in order to iterate rapidly and find their feet in the market. This might include experimenting with pricing, packaging, customer service, sales, and marketing to find their target market.

Payroll Software for Startups

While doing all this, it is also important to look after the real doers that help businesses get there—the employees. At this phase, the basic requirement is paying them on time every month.

Traditionally, processing a company's payroll involves computing salary variables, taxes, and statutory components that require manpower, time, and heaps of paper. Recently, the incorporation of technology into the business process has offered solutions for these inconveniences, and with them, a payroll processing time of no more than half an hour.

However, there is a common misconception that only large corporations can afford this technology. At Zoho Payroll, our hope is to dispel this myth and empower small businesses to take on traditional payroll challenges using technology. We believe that when budding companies adopt technology from their inception, they can effectively manage payroll as they grow.

In this blog, we will cover the payroll transformation stories of some startups, emerging businesses, and early adopters who've shared what their month-by-month payroll journey was like until they got started with Zoho Payroll.

Some of these could cover scenarios that are very relatable to you, depending on the phase of growth your organisation is at.

Firm: purpleSlate

Industry: IT

Employees: 25-30

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Zoho Payroll adoption stage: Early adopter

About purpleSlate

purpleSlate is a budding start-up in Chennai with a vision of making human lives simpler by building delightful conversational applications. Their AI bot, Remy, has been built with the motive of making the customer experience seamless for businesses. They have been a Zoho Payroll user since March 2019.

What the purpleSlate team feels about Zoho Payroll:

"I have been a Zoho Payroll user since it was launched. The moment I got the feel of the product's UI, I had no second thoughts. It is a simple solution that can take care of itself and did not require our conscious effort. It's been over a year now and we are happy to have chosen Zoho Payroll for our HR operations."

Here's a breakdown of how purpleSlate managed to scale their payroll operations, and how Zoho Payroll was able to grow with them.

Payroll Software Purple Slate

Firm: Vedatya Institute

Industry: Education (Hospitality, design, and business)

Employees: 50+

Location: Haryana, India

Zoho Payroll adoption stage: Early adopter

About the company:

Vedatya Institute is a private establishment specializing in hospitality, design, and business management studies. They have an inspiring vision to reduce the gap in education quality between their homeland and some of the best schools in the world by focusing strongly on applied studies and partnerships with prestigious organizations across the globe. They have been using Zoho Payroll since April 2019.

How the Vedatya team feels about Zoho Payroll:

"After using Zoho Payroll for over a year now, we have brought down the paperwork to less than 40% already and we will reach our 15% target very soon. It has not just transformed how our HR and finance teams operate, but also the experience that our employees have every time they receive their pay."

Payroll Software Vedatya Institute

Firm: Tart Labs

Industry: IT (Mobile app development)

Employees: 25+

Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Zoho Payroll adoption phase: Growth

About the company:

Tart Labs is an IT services company based in Coimbatore. They have created a remote healthcare monitoring solution that constantly records vital health parameters of cancer patients, such as blood pressure and weight loss data, using IoT. Their system reports anomalies automatically to healthcare professionals, resulting in timely treatment. They have been a Zoho Payroll user since February 2019.

How the Tart Labs team feels about Zoho Payroll:

"I have been a loyal customer of Zoho Payroll since its launch and it's grown into a fantastic product. The process is so smooth that I can work with my eyes closed. TDS, EPF calculation—it's all in here. To top it all off, the customer support is just excellent. It's a complete package."

Payroll Software Tart Labs

Firm: Leegality

Industry: IT - SaaS (Digital Signature)

Employees: 25+

Location: Haryana, India

Zoho Payroll adoption phase: Growth

About the company:

Leegality is an e-sign, e-stamp, and document workflow platform that allows businesses to sign and collect signatures on their documents completely digitally while also complying with the relevant stamping laws of India. They offer a suite of automation tools that help businesses completely automate their document signing processes—allowing businesses to go truly digital.

How the Leegality team feels about Zoho Payroll:

"Zoho Payroll was a natural fit. With useful integrations and a swift support team, it has been able to resolve our biggest payroll issues on a single platform. It is very comprehensive and easy to use. Zoho Payroll has helped cut down our costs and TATs making pay run completion a great experience for us!"

Payroll Software - Leegality

Firm: Team Everest

Industry: NGO

Employees: 30+

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Zoho Payroll adoption phase: Growth

About the company:

Team Everest is one of the biggest youth-run NGOs in India, with over 25,000 volunteers to date. They are a team of strong-willed individuals with a vision to provide quality education to underprivileged children across India. They have been using Zoho Payroll since October 2019.

How Team Everest feels about Zoho Payroll:

"We are an NGO with a vision to make the world a better place for kids who need a support system. All our employees wear multiple hats and I handle both HR operations and finance here. Zoho Payroll has empowered us by reducing our time spent on payroll to just 30 minutes a month."

Payroll Software - Team Everest

Your takeaway

Most businesses depend on existing spreadsheet tools to manage their payrolls. While spreadsheets are brilliant at managing complex data, completing a payroll involves a lot more than just calculating a paycheck. As these businesses have shown, technology can truly transform the way payroll is done, especially in early-stage startups and small businesses.

To expand on this and to help customers adapt to technology from the get-go, there's a FREE version of Zoho Payroll that helps businesses manage payroll from end to end.


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