4 challenges that hinder smooth payroll processing

Tips to overcome the challenges associated with payroll management

Payroll, as an HR process, can have a huge impact on your people and your organization. By completing this process accurately every time, you will increase the trust your employees have in your organization and remain free from compliance errors. Here are four challenges that hinder accurate payroll processing:

  1. Making errors while calculating different aspects of payroll manually, including gross pay, reimbursements, allowances, etc.

  2. Neglecting to keep sensitive personal information safe from hacking and data breach practices

  3. Using different systems to gather payroll inputs, including time, attendance, and leave data.

  4. Failing to stay on top of the changes and amendments that are made to payroll-related labor laws.

Read more about the challenges associated with payroll processing along with the tips to overcome them in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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