Digitally transform your human resource management with eSignatures

Handling human resources via traditional paperwork is both time-consuming and cumbersome. It's high time to go paperless across all functions, including human resources. Many companies have already started automating their recruitment and management processes, thus opening up the time and resources to concentrate on other important tasks.

Today, most fast-growing companies will use one or many of these apps to manage their workforce:

  • Applicant tracking software to collect resumes, set up interviews, track interview status, and send bulk offer letters.
  • Human resource management software to manage and access all your employee data from a centralized location.
  • Temporary workforce management software to schedule staff, manage digital timesheets, and generate invoices.

Most HR paperwork also involves collecting signatures from candidates, employees, and other stakeholders. However, many organizations have little to no digitization in this area of their human resource management. The majority of companies still print and mail documents to recipients for pen-and-paper signatures, and they store the copies in their offices or warehouses.

With the amount of digital transformation happening in the HR space, it's time to integrate your entire recruitment lifecycle process with an e-signature solution like Zoho Sign. By doing so, not only will you simplify HR operations but you will also improve the employee experience. Zoho Sign integrates with Zoho's HR apps, and you can easily install these extensions to reap great benefits.

Zoho Sign + Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit offers a powerful application tracking platform for today's modern HR teams. With scalability, customization, and remote hiring tools, Recruit has everything your staffing agency or internal HR team needs to match the right candidate to the right role. Zoho Sign's integration with Zoho Recruit will help you send, manage, and track the status of documents. Install the Zoho Sign extension for Zoho Recruit.

Zoho Sign + Zoho People

Zoho People is cloud-based HR software crafted to nurture employees and help HR teams adapt to change.Integrating Zoho People with Zoho Sign will not only help you save employee forms and share ready-made templates for signature but also facilitate the entire paperwork management process. Install the Zoho Sign extension for Zoho People.

Zoho Sign + Zoho Workerly

Zoho Workerly is end-to-end temp lifecycle management software for staffing agencies. With this unified platform, you can schedule temps, manage digital timesheets, generate invoices, and close jobs more quickly. Zoho Workerly's integration with Zoho Sign allows users to send job sheets, offers, and other documents for signature directly from the Zoho Workerly platform. Install the Zoho Sign extension for Zoho Workerly.

How do I start?

These integrations are readily available for all users with both a valid subscription to Zoho Sign and a subscription to Zoho Recruit, Zoho People, or Zoho Workerly. If you are a Zoho One customer, you already have access to these integrations.

Below is a webinar recording that covers how to integrate your Zoho HR suite with Zoho Sign and carry out all your HR-related paperwork online.

If you are looking to try Zoho Sign, sign up for a 14-day free Enterprise trial. To learn more about how Zoho Sign can help your organization streamline its HR process, or to request a personalized demo, please write to us or leave a comment below.


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