10 fun activities to motivate your employees during the holidays

The holiday season is finally here, and it’s important to spread cheer in your organization to motivate your employees. Trying to balance personal and professional commitments can stress them out and reduce their motivation to work. They may want to spend time with their families, but it’s not always possible to approve multiple time off requests. During these times, organize fun activities to cheer up your employees and boost engagement. This can help reduce unscheduled absenteeism and burnout. Here are some ideas:

  •  Give gifts to your employees. This can increase motivation during the holidays and make your team feel valued.
  • Encourage your employees to decorate the workplace in order to uplift their spirits during the festive season.

  • Play games like secret Santa,  Christmas quiz, white elephant, or a treasure hunt.

  • Design newsletters that highlight the company’s achievements throughout the year.

  • Organize an office pot luck to encourage interaction among your employees in a less formal environment.

  • Conduct award ceremonies to recognize your employees’ hard work.

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