Partnership opportunities at Zoho: A complete guide

What is the Zoho Partner Program? 

The Zoho Partner Program is designed to establish mutually-beneficial partnerships between Zoho and businesses that share a similar commitment to customer success. By establishing a partnership built on integrity, Zoho Partners can combine their industry experience with Zoho's extensive product portfolio to deliver added value to their customers and drive success for their own business.

 Opportunities at Zoho 

The Zoho Partnership landscape is divided into five different categories depending on the scope of services a Partner can offer.

  • Affiliate Program

  • Consulting Partner Program

  • Global System Integrator

  • Marketplace Partner

How to identify the best partnership for you 

Each Partner Program at Zoho is meticulously designed to suit a particular type of individual or business. Based on your business size, goal, industry expertise, years of expertise, and the like, you might be a perfect fit for one of the partnership programs currently available at Zoho

Affiliate Program   

The Zoho Affiliate Program is designed for anyone who is interested in earning commission for driving sales by promoting Zoho on their website, newsletter, blog, and similar platforms.

 Benefits of being a Zoho Affiliate 

  • No joining fee

  • Lucrative commission structure

  • Recurring commission on every qualified sale for up to 12 months

  • Unique affiliate link with a 90-day cookie life

  • No minimum sales requirement

  • Access to a dedicated affiliate portal, manager, and Zoho-provided enablement resources:

◎ Social media and email tool kits

    ◎ Branding kit and guidelines

      ◎ Banners and footers for campaigns

        ◎ Content ideas and promotion tips

          ◎ $100 in wallet credits to all qualified referrals

            ◎ Product overview videos and user-guides

              Scope of service as a Zoho Affiliate 

              The scope of your service as an affiliate involves promoting Zoho products using your unique affiliate link on your website, blog, newsletters, and other places. You are not required to implement or customize any product for Zoho users.

              Is the Zoho Affiliate Program the right fit for you ?

              You could be an industry association, a publisher, website owner, hosting provider, influencer, Zoho customer, or any business interested in promoting Zoho and get rewarded for it.   If you have the necessary marketing and business capabilities to promote Zoho, you could qualify to become an Affiliate.

              How to sign up 

              Does the affiliate program sound like a good fit for you? Fill out this form and we will get back to you. If you pass our team's evaluation, you can start your affiliate journey once you gain access to the necessary resources.

              Consulting Partner Program 

              The Zoho Consulting Partner Program is designed for businesses who can resell Zoho products and have the capabilities to provide auxiliary services to their customers.  Zoho Partners are expected to provide a holistic customer experience including, but not limited to business scoping, gap analysis, customization, implementation, training, and post-sales support service.

               What are the benefits of the program ?

              • No partnership fee

              • Recurring revenue for up to four years

              • Free Zoho One license for internal use

              • Free Zoho demo accounts for demo and training purposes

              • Listing in the Zoho Partner Directory*

              • Invitations to Zoho events*

              • Early access to product launches and updates

              • Marketing and sales enablement resources

              • Partner enablement resources

              • 24/5 partner-dedicated, omni-channel support for technical and operational inquiries

              *Partners receive these benefits as they progress in the partnership and meet revenue and tier goals.

              What can you do as a Consulting Partner ?

              • Business scoping and requirement analysis to study the gaps in a customer's business process and recommend Zoho tools that will best suit their business.

              • Customize Zoho solutions to suit customer requirements and integrate them with other third-party applications, if required.

              • Train users in customer organization to navigate through and utilize the Zoho product(s) they purchased.

              • Help customers securely migrate to Zoho.

              • Provide continued support services to customers for their Zoho products.

              Is the Zoho Consulting Program for you ?

              The Zoho Consulting Program is for you if you have:

              • A team that can be trained (to build expertise) in Zoho products.

              • A lead generation strategy and success plan in place.

              • Some consulting and implementation expertise.

              • A physical presence in the country you plan to offer your services in.

              *Consulting Partner application evaluation could include, but is not limited to, the attributes listed above.  

               How to sign up as a Zoho Consulting Partner 

              If the Zoho Consulting Partner Program feels like a good fit for you, you can express your interest by filling out this form and we will get back to you.  

              Marketplace Partner Program  

              The Zoho Marketplace Partner Program is designed for anyone seeking to showcase their Zoho app extensions, custom applications, and industry solutions on Zoho Marketplace to increase adoption and provide a better customer experience.

               Benefits and resources 

              • Showcase your app to a broader set of existing and potential Zoho customers to expand your global footprint.

              • Leverage Zoho's development resources to build your extension.

              • Use our marketing resources to drive visibility to your applications.

              • Generate leads through co-marketing opportunities.

              • Tap into technical support to review your application to ensure it runs smoothly.

              • Build expertise in specific business functions, product areas, and industries.

              What applications can you build and showcase on Zoho Marketplace? 

              Extensions  : Integrate third-party applications with Zoho to break data silos, optimize workflows, and improve ROI.

              Custom applications  : Solve unique business needs by addressing specific use cases.

              Industry solutions  : Develop highly customized CRM systems to meet the needs of a specific industry with all the industry language.

              How to sign up as a Marketplace Partner 

              If you have an application you want to list on Zoho Marketplace, you can get started by creating a company profile. After that, you will be able to submit your application for review. Before being listed, every application undergoes a complete review to ensure its validity and functionality.

              To get started or learn more about the Zoho Marketplace Partner Program, click here.   

              To learn more about all of the different partner programs Zoho offers, click here.


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