Zoho Survey implements Zoho PageSense and witnesses a 4.90% boost in sign-up page traffic

Here's another case study that proves website experimentation can help you discover powerful insights to boost your overall goal conversions.

Zoho Survey, an online survey tool, has run many experiments. One of these experiments involved revamping the "Employment status template" page to add prominence to the templates, content, and CTAs, resulting in higher engagement and conversions.

The Survey team used PageSense's session recording, heatmap, and analytics features to discover the following:

  • Conversions, CTA clicks, and web engagement were low.

  • Visitors hardly clicked on the dropdown located in the breadcrumb trail.

  • Visitors were disengaging, and the exit rate was high.

  • The scroll map showed higher drop-off rates in the first section of the webpage.

After identifying the issues, the Survey team applied the following changes to the webpage, and A/B tested its hypotheses using Zoho PageSense:

  • Added more appealing visual designs and content that was more relevant to the topic.

  • Adjusted brand logos and social proof placement for better visibility.

  • Made CTAs prominent.

  • Removed the dropdowns and moved them to the left side of the webpage.