Announcing Orchestly—orchestrate your business workflows


Let's consider a scenario at work. A business proposal to be sent to a client is due today. Someone from your team is supposed to email you all the information you need, but there is no sign of it. You're already a week behind, and with so many email threads and meetings, you're not even sure who's responsible for sending it. And to top it all off, you have no idea what happened to your travel request for the meeting in Germany. You submitted your visa documents, but the travel team hasn't been responding to your attempts to get in contact.

While the details may be different, this situation probably sounds familiar.

A lot of work is done by repeatedly following a sequence of steps—reviewing content, managing purchase and travel requests, running employee onboarding, and approving expense reimbursement are just a few examples. Different teams are involved at different stages, and with the many tools we use today, the information gets scattered and ends up in silos. Managing it then becomes difficult, as no one has the whole picture. That's where Orchestly comes in—it's a workflow management platform that helps you automate and manage your workflows, and run a delay-free organization.

What is Orchestly?

Orchestly helps you model your workflows as flowcharts, on an intuitive drag and drop platform. You can decide who's responsible for what, set process constraints and routing conditions, get contextual data from users, and send relevant notifications. You can also connect to any other tools you use, and track the entire flow from within Orchestly—and then optimize your workflows to work more productively with the help of reports and charts.

For those who are familiar with the Blueprint module in Zoho CRM, Recruit, Desk, or Projects, Orchestly is a stand-alone version of this, with enhanced features and reporting capabilities. Also, your workflows are no longer limited to a specific department, but can go wherever the work takes them. Read on to learn how. 

The command center of your organization 

Let's look at Clara, who supervises the shop floor of a manufacturing unit. Her employees spend most of their time on calls and emails, filling out tons of paperwork and chasing down approvals and signatures. Missing visibility, forms riddled with manual errors, and second guessing actions have become commonplace. When she tries to find a fix for these issues, her employees simply blame other departments for miscommunication and delays. 

Mark heads this manufacturing unit. There are several departments under him, and they all have niche tools to cater to their automation needs. But these tools are too rigid, and also don't talk to each other. Hence, he has no platform to look at the big picture, and there have been unnecessary delays in the production cycle.

Orchestly can fill these automation gaps for both back-office operations and customer-facing processes. Clara can digitize her production workflow on a drag and drop platform without much technical help, and drive accountability by assigning the right teams to the right stages of the process. She can set workflow rules and exceptions, and also set up escalations for work that isn't completed on time. With workflows automated, she can enforce compliance and transparency. Her employees know exactly what needs to be done, and when. Orchestly can ease her administrative headaches by keeping everyone involved updated through timely notifications.

Mark can connect the different tools his firm uses with a bit of code, and also build his own third party app extensions as widgets on the Orchestly platform. He can quickly modify and roll-out workflows to respond faster to changing business trends. He can understand where the delays are happening, if the workflow design has to be improved, or the teams have to be trained better. The workflow-specific reports give him these details and more. He can focus on cutting costs and driving continuous process improvement, instead of trying to make sense of complex spreadsheets that give him no conclusions.

Here's a glimpse of the platform:

The blueprint module lets you map your business workflows-simple or complex-capturing all the essential details.


The jobs module lets you track all your work in real time. It reduces the learning curve for your employees by letting them know what should be done, and when.


Ready-made reports give you powerful insights on your bottlenecks and redundancies. Further, you can create your own process-specific reports to analyze and improve your operational KPIs.


How are we pricing it?

Orchestly is currently available as a standalone product, and in future, it will also be available as part of Zoho One. It has flexible user-based pricing that starts at $8/user per month. Our prices fall as your team grows, and it goes down even further if you pay annually. Check out our pricing page to see the exact amount for your organization. There's also a 15-day free trial available for you to try the platform before making your purchase.

Let us join you in your digital transformation journey

We understand that every company has unique business workflows that capture their competitive advantage. Our enterprise solution experts will be happy to help you through your digital transformation journey— email us at, and our experts will reach out to you soon.


9 Replies to Announcing Orchestly—orchestrate your business workflows

    1. This feature is currently not available natively, and is there on our roadmap. You can however integrate with any other Forms application that offers public forms, using our APIs as a workaround.

  1. Hello, I am a CRM Plus user. You write that Orchestly has enhanced features and reporting capabilities? Could you please specify what you mean by enhanced and what I will be missing out on using CRM Plus and not the standalone version of Orchesly? Also in regards to reporting. Thank you. Best, Mark

    1. Hi Mark, While CRM Plus caters specifically to your sales and support process, Orchestly is a platform that can be used for automating all workflows across IT, Operations, Finance, Legal, Marketing and HR. You can automate stages by condition. For example, unless a purchase order exceeds a certain amount, it may not require manager’s approval. So, you can automate the workflow to move on to the next stage. You can also automate stages by time. For instance, if a team doesn’t respond to a request for more than 3 days, you can automatically escalate it to their manager. You can add third party tools as widgets and enable them at different stages of the workflow, or at different locations of the platform. You can have a look at the default reports available" rel="nofollow">here. Apart from these, you can create your own workflow-specific reports for any criteria you need. We can also set up a call or demo session with our support personnel if you would like to know more.

      1. Thanks, So it seems that I would yet need another Zoho Application. It would have been nice to see the exact same functionality between CRM Plus Workplace and Marketing Hub for instance. Having subscriptions to all those applications not to mention Zoho Connect (external and internal), Zoho Cliq, Zoho Showtime, Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Sites and Zoho Commerce, I really feel not inclined to get this. Reading here that it will be available in Zoho One, kind of bothers me (happy for Zoho One users of course), but with the sheer amount of Zoho products I have, it would have been nice to just have Orchestly added to my Zoho subscriptions. Hope you see my point and reconsider. In short, add it (no additional costs) to my account. Please let me know. No problem to set up a call if you want. Best, Mark

        1. Mark, as a Zoho One user, reading your response makes me wonder why you don't convert to Zoho One? I'm curious because maybe I don't understand the benefit of buying these apps individually, unless it is purely because you don't want to buy licenses for every app for every employee?

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