SLAs, parallel transitions, and more new features in Orchestly

Our journey over the last few months has been both exciting and educational. Businesses build differentiation through their own business processes⁠—ones that can often be proprietary. And they may have hundreds of these workflows, which when automated can improve turnaround time, increase efficiency, and guarantee a better ROI. With this in mind, we've rolled out a few key features based on customer requests.

Reduce labor with automation

You can automatically execute parts of your workflows that don't require manual intervention, based on condition or time. For example, you can automate approvals for all expense reports that are below a certain amount, and send only large bills to the finance manager for review. Similarly, while hiring, you may want to wait a week for a candidate's reply before automatically closing the process as a no-show.


Hit your benchmark with SLAs

Set clear and measurable expectations, and include consequences when they aren't met, with SLAs. For instance, a delivery service may commit to an average delivery time of 3 days, and refunds if deliveries take longer than 5 days. A telecom company might promise a network availability of 99.99%, after which customers can reduce their bill depending on the amount of downtime. Such agreements can now be automated for every stage in your workflow based on condition or time, and reminder and escalation emails can be set with SLAs to help meet targets.


Get more done with parallelism

Some processes, like document approval and expense reimbursements, happen sequentially. There are also processes where multiple teams work simultaneously to get things done. For example, onboarding employees, background verification, setting up accounts, and providing equipment are all done by several teams, at the same time. You can set up transitions that need to be executed concurrently with the parallel transitions feature. The work will flow to the next stage only when all the transitions are complete.


Break the ice with prebuilt workflows

We now have prebuilt, customizable workflows spanning departments for all new organizations. You can use the available workflows as they are, or modify them to suit your specific needs. Since we're always building more templates, if you have any workflows in mind, let us know in the comments section below. 

Tag colleagues

You can now mention users when commenting on jobs. The tagged users will then be notified based on the preferences they've previously set. 

Work in your time zone

You can now configure your preferred date and time formats, and set your work days and business hours. You can also set the time zone to be used for SLAs and automatic transitions.

Work with the tools you love

Would you like to schedule events in your Google calendar based on updates in Orchestly? Or modify items in Zoho Inventory based on changes in Orchestly? Orchestly is now available on Zapier and Zoho Flow! Connect with 1000+ other apps through these integrations and work seamlessly with contextual, unified data.

We hope these new features will help your business orchestration journey. Give these updates a try and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Happy Orchestrating!


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