Celebrating Small Business Week with Zoho Customer Multiplying Good 

Today marks the first day of National Small Business Week, a celebration that recognizes the critical contributions of entrepreneurs and small business owners across America. Did you know that more than half of Americans either own or work for one of 28 million small businesses?

 At Zoho, we are proud to support and work with millions of small businesses not only in the US but all over the world.

In honor of this week, we wanted to highlight a Zoho customer—and important small business—that is doing its part to bring positive change to the world. Multiplying Good, previously known as Jefferson Awards for Public Service, was created in 1972 by the American Institute for Public Service. Since then, this non-profit organization has led the charge in empowering young people and recognizing good deeds.

"Multiplying Good does exactly what it's called, it multiplies good," said Stephanie Madden, Vice President of Operations at the organization. "We share these great stories about people who are serving their communities. We celebrate volunteers, we celebrate giving back, we celebrate good news."  

Multiplying Good seeks to create beneficial changes through four distinct channels:  

  • The Jefferson Awards for Public Service: An award that celebrates local heroes in communities across the nation for their empowering and inspirational public service and good work. Multiplying Good researches these candidates and celebrates their contributions and efforts.

  • Youth Programs: These programs give young people the tools, skills, and confidence to create a lasting and prominent impact on the things that they care about most. The organization teaches kids and teenagers to become leaders, to collaborate with others and to give back.

  • Champions Programs: By getting companies to support youth programing and join the program themselves, organizations are able to encourage, engage, and celebrate their own employees through service and opportunities, as well as support community youth programs.

  • Media Partners: Lately, the news is hesitant to show the positive things happening in the world. Multiplying Good's media partners help recognize and elevate the best of communities while delivering remarkable stories about heroes and supporting the good work being done throughout homes.

Multiplying Good is not just another non-profit, they are working to promote and celebrate the people that are changing lives and their surroundings. Through their four programs, this organization is able to find and celebrate the achievements of those who are making a difference. For nearly 50 years, their Media Partners have celebrated over 62,000 unsung heroes and their youth programs have trained over 30,000 young people as empathetic leaders and changemakers.

Small businesses are often defined by their size but there is nothing small about what Multiplying Good is doing to change the world in a smart and modern way. Multiplying Good has a total of 30 employees scattered across the country, each working in and helping their own district.

"Zoho's products had wild adoption right away, and for us, that was transformative," added Stephanie Madden. "We were able to now have all of our users on one platform, whereas before, everyone was working off of spreadsheets and in silos. I couldn't have consistency with data or how people were working across the country. That right out of the gate was a big win for us."

When Multiplying Good switched to Zoho, they found it to be extremely user-friendly and easy to adopt. They have continued to switch over more and more services to Zoho—now using over seven Zoho platforms. Employees are able to stay connected, organized, learn from each other, and grow as a team, even when they are spread across the country.

We at Zoho are thrilled to be celebrating National Small Business Week and to work with amazing small businesses like Multiplying Good.



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