ZPortals: Unified Portals for Zoho One

NOTE: This is a guest blog written by a Zoho One partner, ZPortals
One central place to manage all your clients: ZPortals

About ZPortals:

ZPortals is a website plugin for Zoho that allows users to create a unified customer portal that supports integrations with more than 10 Zoho apps including: CRM, Desk, Books, Projects, Inventory, Subscriptions, Vault, Workdrive, Forms, Survey and Analytics.

ZPortals was built by a Premium Zoho Partner who saw the need for a more efficient way for organizations to coordinate and communicate with their customers. The ZPortal app un-tethers organizations and customers from their email and long hold times by providing an easy to use platform for customers to keep information up to date, pay invoices, log support tickets and collaborate with businesses in an easy to use portal. ZPortals securely updates Zoho apps in real time so organizations can deliver better service by giving customers more control over their experience.

Unified Customer Portals for Zoho One:

Whether you like working from home or not, remote work is here to stay, at least in part. It is no wonder that Zoho One has become a popular option for organizations moving their operations to the cloud to keep their businesses running in a new hybrid work environment. This paradigm shift is changing the way organizations do business with their clients, who want more efficiency and self-serve options.

While Zoho has built some fantastic portals at the product level, there has been a gap for a (Zoho One) client portal that serves as a one stop shop for multiple apps. Today, organizations who use multiple Zoho apps need to invite clients to individual portals for each app which is frustrating and disjointed for customers.

Fortunately, a unified client portal for Zoho is here!

What ZPortals can do for you:

A new app, ZPortals, allows Zoho users to create a consolidated portal for Zoho One’s most popular apps including: Zoho CRM, Desk, WorkDrive, Books, Subscriptions, Inventory, Sign, Analytics, Forms and Vault.

ZPortals’ goal is to bring these powerful Zoho solutions to clients through a customizable portal. Not only does this save organizations a lot of time taking phone calls, chasing invoices or updating clients, it helps organizations offer a more streamlined experience to customers and builds brand loyalty.

Check out a quick tour here.

How to set up ZPortals:

ZPortals is modeled after Zoho’s native settings, so getting it set up is very similar to configuring modules and fields in Zoho. The Portal can be configured directly on an organization’s website and can be customized with 6 themes, color adjustments and there’s even the option to add custom CSS and JavaScript. Having the portal within an organization’s main site makes it easy for clients to find and also helps drive traffic to the site.

ZPortals has gained quick traction with thousands of users already resulting in some interesting use cases. The portal plugin is very flexible and allows an organization to choose which apps, modules and fields to display in the portal. With add, edit, delete permissions, and multiple profiles, more than one portal can be deployed for different stakeholder groups with varying access levels.

Simple use cases include client onboarding, submitting tickets and paying invoices. More robust configurations have allowed customers to register their products through the portal to gain access to special offers, product support and documentation while providing manufacturers with valuable insights into their end users.

ZPortals serves as a one stop shop for any client who needs to do business with an organization running on Zoho. Within a single portal, an organization can facilitate an entire customer lifecycle. From onboarding a client by collecting client details securely through the portal, to managing subscriptions, paying invoices and submitting tickets, many actions that previously required an email or phone call can now be automated. The portal is easily expandable with the ability to embed Zoho Analytics dashboards, forms, surveys and even add web tabs to third party sites.

Learn more about ZPortals and sign up for a free trial at https://zportals.com. If you have any questions, register for our webinar, call 855-855-7939 or email support@zportals.com

Do you think these portals will help you in streamlining your client activities?


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