Boost productivity and accelerate your business growth with proven productivity strategies

Boost productivity and accelerate your business growth with proven productivity strategies

Every business needs a well-constructed productivity plan and a fair amount of productivity to achieve its intended results.

Businesses also place productive strategies within their organizations and optimize their resources. This is a very self-sustaining model for the economic growth of a business. However, optimizing resources opens up for debates like: Ideal working hours, best tools to adopt, and similar sticking points

If you feel that you could improve your per employee and make the most out of your hiring investment, do read on.  

Efficiency and productivity 

Some businesses impose a 70-hour work week as opposed to the 35-hour work week. This leads us to question if the quantitative time spent in a workplace equals actual productivity or if time spent efficiently equals productivity.

Productivity refers to how much work gets done within a given period of time, while efficiency is getting maximum output from minimum input. Productivity and efficiency refer to the quantifiable output and qualitative performance. Both are essential components for the success of your business. To get the desired amount of productivity, you need to hire competent people but to achieve maximum performance, you need to match employee capabilities with your goals.

Ideal staffing

Your employees connect your business to your customers. Their efforts produce the right context needed to ensure your business goals reach the right people. Thus, your ideal staffing has to be comprised of people who get the context right and deliver reliable and consistent customer service.

Once this is established, it is necessary to decrease the employee turnover rate and improve employee well being. Doing so will help you cut down on the loss of productivity that results from employee churn.

But how do you ensure employee satisfaction in one of the most productive ways possible? Adopting the right people management solution lets you ensure employee satisfaction productively. With a people management solution, you can:

  • Manage your employee database.

  • Bridge the employer-employee gap with a year-round feedback portal.

  • Get valuable insights into how you can improve employee well-being.

  • Make employee-centered decisions.

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How can you enhance employee productivity? 

A responsible workplace prioritizes strategizing and setting up those strategies in a task management tool. Subsequently, compatible employees are mapped within the task management tool, and the administrator gets an overview of how the project is taking shape. They ensure employee efforts are not duplicated and tasks are completed on schedule.

Occasionally, productivity can get siloed as some employees become territorial with their work. In times like this, the project management tool comes in handy, giving the administrator a transparent view and helping them redistribute productivity.The project management tool also helps track progress, forecast budgets, visualize dependencies, and make room for better communication and collaboration.

Smart productivity and collaboration tools

Adopting smart productivity and collaboration tools is the core of boosting productivity.
Productivity tools help you bring teams together, giving your teams more visibility and clarity, and preventing them from duplicating their work. It enables teams to connect and collaborate efficiently, too. Unfortunately, even when businesses understand this, they somehow can't seem to improve productivity.

In such times, it is best to implement a productivity suite into your software ecosystem.
Ideally, your productivity suite should have a to-do list maker, a calendar, a word processor, a spreadsheet tool, cloud storage, a presentation creator, and a video conferencing tool.

The productivity suite helps your admin team save time as it usually comes as a unified bundle without multiple integrations. It helps your teams work without interruptions, providing real-time data through its consistent user interface. Furthermore, the suite increases your business's economic growth with its all-in-one pricing. Your business can also cut down implementation costs, as these productivity suites come with simple API keys that latch on to your existing software ecosystem.

Communication: The final step to securing productivity in your workplace 

Cutting down communication gaps in the workplace improves productivity. With a communication tool in place, you are creating a digital headquarters for your team, bringing different teams together, and helping you have an open management style.

Unlike chat apps, a communication tool that is built for business needs limits time-consuming tasks; your employees can work remotely while still collaborating efficiently. This tool records crucial conversations and makes sure they remain focused and professional.

Integrating this tool with your productivity tool eases document sharing, peer review processes, and file management.

Zoho One: The unified platform for productivity

From hiring a new person, training another person, working on a sheet document, getting on an hour-long call, making that 30-slide presentation, to drafting your resignation email – you need good business software that keeps up with you and provides intended results. Zoho One helps you accomplish just that. With 45+ applications, including productivity applications, people management, project management, communication tools, and other key applications, you can run your business operations on one unified platform.

Zoho One is the operating system for business. It helps you run your entire business under one unified user face without even having to switch tabs. Automate workflows, view all your dashboards in one place, build customized low-code applications, assist your customers, create meaningful customer relationships, and manage your finances and inventory all for the price of one product.

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