Sharing and co-working in Notebook

As we continue adapting to our new normal, we're happy to announce a Notebook update to help improve work efficiency and productivity. Now, Notebook users can safely and securely share your notes with friends and coworkers.

Private Sharing in Notebook allows you, the account owner, to share notes securely with the people you trust—and only them. You can also collaborate on shared notes using Notebook. When you search for your notes, any notes shared with you are also shown in the results.

Keep reading to learn how to share your notes with other Notebook users and what other users can do with your notes.

Share notes

To share your notes with your friends,

  1. Open a note.

  2. Click/Tap on the Add User icon in the action tool bar.

  3. Click/Tap Add Members

  4. Enter the email address of any users you want to share the note card with and press Enter. You can also choose the user from the suggestion list from Zoho Contacts.

  5. Click/Tap Share.

  6. Choose the appropriate edit access level to enable editing for the shared user.

  7. An email will be sent to the shared users with a link to open the note.

To view notes shared with you,

  1. Open the Notebook app.

  2. Click/Tap Shared with me to view all notes shared with you.

  3. Open a note card and click/tap on the user icon to see who shared the note card with you.

Unshare notes

You can remove a shared note if you do not wish to view it under "Shared with me."

To unshare a note, 

  1. Open the Notebook app.

  2. Click/Tap Shared with me to view all notes shared to you.

  3. Open the note shared with you

  4. Click/Tap Menu, and then select Unshare. On the iOS and Android apps, you can swipe the note card to the left and tap Delete.

To remove users you’ve shared a note with,

  1. Open the shared note

  2. Go to Add User

  3. Click/Tap Delete next to the user you would like to remove.

Share notes with your organization

You can now share your notes with all users in your organization at once. Simply select Share with Organization to share your note with everyone, rather than manually sharing with individual coworkers separately. Users in your organization will be able to see the note using the note's URL. If you open a note shared using the URL, it will appear under "Shared with me."

Block users

You can block users from sharing notes with you. Once you’ve blocked a user, they will not be able to share any notes with you in the future. To block users,

  1. Open a shared note from that user.

  2. Click/Tap the user icon, and then select Block Contact.


You can share a note with up to 50 users. You can share up to 50 notes with your organization. You can share up to 500 notes privately. You can receive a maximum of 250 shared notes.

When you share a note card with edit access for multiple users, only one user can edit a note at a time. When the user who is editing the note at present is idle for 15 minutes, the edit lock will be removed automatically and others can then edit the note card.

We hope you find this update useful! Now, you don't need to email your notes back and forth to get your idea rolling. Share your notes with your peers, co-work and craft your thoughts.

If you have any questions or feedback, leave us a comment below!


18 Replies to Sharing and co-working in Notebook

  1. Thanks Zoho, I'm new on Notebook, I was using Evernote and I'm looking for a substitute app for that. I would be very grateful if you provide the ability to share the entire notebook instead of just sharing a new one.

  2. Hello, I am trying to share a notebook, as I have collected a number of hyperlinks within a notebook. I don't see an option to share the notebook. Further, I don't see the option to share the individual link, as the link is not a "note" that I created. Is there a way to share the notebook? Please let me know. Thanks, Jamal

  3. Woran kann es liegen,dass bei dem Verwenden der Kamera die App abstürzt ?Wenn ich in den Notizen ein Foto machen möchte ,stürzt die App ab.

    1. Hallo Stein, Entschuldige mich für die Probleme, denen du dich stellen musstest. Bitte senden Sie Feedback von der App und wir helfen Ihnen bei dem Problem. Vielen Dank!

  4. Hi, thank you for all amazing updates for Zoho Notebook. Please add this features too, sharing with people without Zoho account and Toggled text in notes that should be useful for long long Text Cards.

    1. Hi Hasan, Apologies for the late reply. As I mentioned previously, sharing a note/notebook with non-Zoho users is coming. Unfortunately, we don't have plans for toggled text in Text Cards, but we'll add it as a feature request and keep you updated about its progress. You can always write to us at with your suggestions and feedback. Thanks!

  5. Hello! Is it possible to custom sort the notebooks? For example I'd like to separate my creative writing notebooks from my school notebooks. Maybe allow creation of categories so it would be easier for me to determine which notebooks belong to a writing project, or school semester. I hope this can be implemented (along with the notebook collab feature)! Thank you

    1. Hi Elianah, Apologies for the late reply. We do have plans for categorizing notebooks. It is still in the initial stages, but you can expect it soon. Thanks!

  6. I second the sharing of a whole notebook. Once that feature is up I can fully migrate to zoho notebooks. Can't wait for that update!

    1. Hi Liyana, Apologies for the late reply. Sharing a notebook is coming, we'll keep you updated about its progress. Thanks!

  7. I'm so happy to hear notebook sharing so coming! That would make this wonderful tool even better! :) :) :) I'd love to be able to share notebooks (and single notes) in a read-only capacity with people who aren't Zoho users. I want to share my notes, but don't want to force someone to sign up for an account to do so. My bet is that when people see how beautiful and useful Notebook is, they'll want their own, and a low bar for entry is such an easy way to do that.

    1. Hi Rose, Apologies for the late reply. Sharing a note/notebook to non-Zoho users is in our plans. You can expect it in our next updates. Thanks!

  8. Alos, provide add task/reminder to a notes/notebook like what we used to do in Zoho Docs. BTW, anyplan(if yes, then when it is coming?) to upgrade text editor page as current one is not very efficient.

    1. Hi Shivam, Apologies for the late reply. You can now set reminders for your note cards. We'll add adding reminders to notebooks as a feature request and keep you posted on its progress. We're also looking at ways to enhance the editor options in our Text Card. We'll keep you in the loop regarding that as well. Thanks!

  9. Great news! Please, add even the "share (whole) notebook" feature, like a Google Drive folder. If you have dozens of notes inside notebooks, you've dozens of permissions/links to assign. :) As a student, every notebooks is full of important notes to share entirely with my colleagues. Thank you very much! Tobia

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