Notebook optimizations for the new iPadOS & iOS 13

Great news for Apple users excited about the new iPadOS and iOS 13. We've optimized Notebook to stay in tune with the latest Apple features, such as conversational Siri shortcuts, dark mode, multiple windows, image saliency, object detection, and more. Use your iPad to work on several notes at a time, take notes your way with your Apple Pencil. Read on to get a glimpse of the newest Notebook features for Apple.

Conversational Siri Shortcuts

Notebook offers a new level of Siri interaction, with more specific questions for precise customizations. When you create a note, Siri asks you which notebook you would like it saved in and if you'd like to set a reminder for it. Likewise, when you create a recipe card, Siri asks you to choose a recipe website from a list of websites.

Dark Mode

Set your Apple device to Dark Mode and Notebook will go dark with you. You can turn off 'Use system appearance' to turn on/off the Dark Mode manually.


Multiple Windows in iPad

Want to work with more than a single note at one time? Use the new Multiple Windows option in the iPad.

Focus on what really matters

Identify an image instantly with the new image saliency feature. The image preview displays the subject so you know immediately why the note card was created.

Categorize your photos

Enrich your Photo Cards with searchable tags. With advanced object detection, Notebook now supports automatic tagging for uploaded images.

Broaden your search for notes

With the semantic search option, you can now search for images with related keywords. For example, to find a note containing an image of an elephant, you can simply search using the word "animal."

Smart Suggestions

Get smart suggestions for your work. Notebook intelligently recognizes the content in your note and suggests a related notebook for it. Notebook also suggests titles for your Audio Cards and scanned docs.

Access System Fonts 

Enjoy taking notes with more fonts to choose from on iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Photo Card Markup

Add more information to your Photo Cards with Photo Card Markup. This feature also supports PencilKit, so you can use your Apple Pencil to take notes your way.

Context Menus

Long-press a note card to easily share, email or move the note.

Link Preview

Easily identify the web pages you have saved as Link Cards with Notebook's clear previews.

If you haven't yet tried iOS 13 and iPadOS, we suggest you upgrade your device and update Notebook today to enjoy these new features.

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4 Replies to Notebook optimizations for the new iPadOS & iOS 13

  1. Good job but without a possibility to paste screenshots from a clipboard this app is useless for us :/ Looking forward for this for quite some time now...

    1. Hi, Copy pasting screenshots in Mobile and iPad app should work as expected. If you face any difficulties in it, please reach us at, we’ll help you in resolving the issue. To add an image, you can also use the camera icon. Just tap on it, you can either capture or select pictures from your gallery.

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