Notebook for iOS 13 and iPadOS

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Conversational Siri Shortcuts

Notebook offers a new level of Siri interaction, with more specific questions for precise customizations. When you create a note, Siri asks you which notebook you would like it saved in and if you'd like to set a reminder for it. Likewise, when you create a recipe card, Siri asks you to choose a recipe website from a list of websites.

conversational siri shortcuts

Dark Mode

Working in a low-light environment? Use Apple's Dark Mode to minimize the contrast between Notebook and your surroundings.

Dark mode
audio card title suggestion

Audio Card Title Suggestion

Save time creating Audio Cards with enhanced iOS voice recognition, and use Notebook's smart suggestions for Card titles so can take better notes on the go.

Better Notetaking with Object Detection

Enrich your Photo Cards with searchable tags. With advanced object detection, Notebook now supports automatic tagging for uploaded images.

better notetaking with object detection

Multiple Windows in iPadOS

Enjoy a whole new set of system fonts with Notebook on the iPadOS. Notebook also comes with Multiple Window Support, so you can work on several note cards simultaneously.

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Catalina Updates

With content-based suggestions for your notes, Notebook has gotten a lot smarter. Perform enhanced searches to quickly pull up notes and find saved photos using keywords.

Notebook for macOS Catalina

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Notebook for iOS 13, iPadOS & macOS Catalina

Taking your note-taking experience to a new level.