New Notebook Integration: Bring Your Ideas into Your Inbox

Today we’ve got a new Notebook integration for you, this time with Zoho Mail. Now you can access your notes straight from your mailbox. Even better, you can email your thoughts, turn your emails into notes, associate notes to email conversations, and more. We think the value is clear: it’s better to have Notebook within Zoho Mail, rather than have your notes in another tab.


Send Your Thoughts

With this integration, you can instantly get a note card’s content into the compose mail section. Emailing your thoughts, ideas, and plans has never been this easy. To send your thoughts to your loved ones and peers, choose a note, click the three dot icon, and select Compose Mail.


Turn Emails into Notes

Have you ever spent way too much time looking for an email? Thought so. Now you can save important emails as note cards so you can view them anytime without searching through your inbox. From an open email, simply click on the Create from email icon in the Notebook widget. You can even turn an email into a note by dragging and dropping it from your inbox into the Notebook widget.


Associate Notes with Email Conversations

Let’s say you get the details of a meeting in an email conversation. Now you can make a note of that in a note card, then associate that note with the original email thread. And, when you need to remember the time of the meeting, you can click the thread to see the related note. To associate an email to a note, select a mail thread, click the three dot icon on the note card you want to associate with it, and choose ‘Add to thread’.


What’s Next

We hope that you try and enjoy Notebook in Zoho Mail and share your experience with us. In a future update, you’ll be able to open the associated emails with a single click from your Notebook app. In the meantime, we’ll continue connecting Notebook with your favorite applications. You can also help us by sharing your ideas for other interesting integrations with Notebook.


7 Replies to “New Notebook Integration: Bring Your Ideas into Your Inbox”

  1. I am hoping you will consider adding a feature to let users choose to hold the encryption key (through a master password, for example) for the Notebook. This will be a great feature to be able to provide the peace of mind to users wanting to store sensitive or private information in Notebook.

    While I understand and appreciate your business model of not selling ads or mining user information, there are instances where controlling your own encryption keys will allow users to feel protected and secure.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your feedback and yes, that’s really a nice feature. And a good news is, that’s already in our road map and our dev team is working on it. This feature will be added in one of our future update.

  2. Hello!
    Zoho Notebook is cool, but there is one thing you missed: Navigation Bar! Or maybe, I missed it… I don’t know. Anyway, it can be useful for many people. Please, add NB to your app!

    1. Hi Alex,
      Notebook integration with Mail is designed in a way to show all your notes in a single view so that, you can easily search and pick your notes. That’s the reason, we did not have a navigation bar in our design. You can send your suggestion and feedback to, we’ll discus it with our design team and will have it added in our future updates.

  3. Great app but there is one bug\problem, sometimes where I write a note and leave the app open and then close it without finishing/saving the note the data gets lost (I use the mac version).
    I’ve lost information a few times and I think the app should save open note automatically every few seconds (or at least have an option to do it in configurations panel).
    Thank you for the great work.

    1. Hi,
      If you’re referring Notebook Mac application, we would like to let you know that we’ve handled auto save cases (i.e.), when you leave a note opened without saving and if the app is closed or crashed, the note will be auto saved. If this is not working for you, please send us a feedback from the app. We’ll analyze the user log and get the issue fixed.

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