Zoho Meeting for Google Apps

Following the success of

Zoho Analytics


 in Google Apps marketplace, we’re happy to present to you ”

Zoho Meeting for Google Apps
” this week. Zoho Meeting, the easiest way to host web meetings instantly, is now available in Google Apps marketplace.


Zoho Meeting
, you can meet with your team members, clients and partners from around the world. Not just for one-on-one meetings, you can also provide remote support and even have multiple participants for a meeting.

Zoho Meeting for Google Apps brings you:

  1. SSO

    : Install Zoho Meeting in your account and access the service from Google’s universal navigation bar.

  2. Users/Contacts

    : All users in your Google Apps domain can be invited to a meeting.

  3. Calendar

    : You can mark your Google Calendar with the meeting appointments that you set up using Zoho Meeting.

To understand more about Zoho Meeting for Google Apps, do take a look at the below video.



And this presentation –

We promised 5 more apps, one each week.

4 of them are in
 and 1 more to go. What’s it going to be next week? Take a guess 🙂


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