ProTips: 5 ways to seamlessly improve customer experience

This is a guest blog post by Keith Winhall, product communicator at 3CX.

The perception of your business hinges on many factors, including the way you make a customer feel and whether your interactions are professional and efficient. Here are five tips to provide an experience that ensures customers keep coming back to your company.

ProTip 1: Make the customer feel special

“Good afternoon Mr. Smith. How are you enjoying your new purchase?” Imagine that your sales or support agents could answer the phone this way. Mr. Smith would surely feel like a valued customer.

When you link a phone system like 3CX with Zoho CRM, customer records are automatically brought up on an agent's screen when an incoming call is ringing or answered.

ProTip 2: Avoid multiple sales calls

It's important to make sure customers are not hounded by multiple different agents. If the company name becomes synonymous with irritating and repeated calls, customers may go elsewhere. This can be easily avoided by automatically logging calls.

When an agent makes or receives a call from a customer, the 3CX-Zoho CRM integration will create a call record. This means that any agent can easily identify customers who have been recently contacted.

ProTip 3: Give agents more time to help customers

Keeping customer records up to date can be a multi-tasking nightmare. When there are multiple platforms or systems that need updating, one can be easily overlooked.

With 3CX, calls to and from external numbers trigger a Zoho CRM contact lookup. If the contact already exists in Zoho CRM, the 3CX directory is updated. If there is no existing contact in Zoho CRM, a record is automatically created.

Integrations exist for this very reason: to improve customer experience and boost employee productivity. 

ProTip 4: Give customers more ways to get in touch

The world we live in requires businesses of all sizes to create multiple channels for customer contact. Failure to provide options other than phone support can result in a loss in sales or customers, so it's important to provide excellent service across platforms. The right software can help you accomplish this by empowering you to manage all contact options from one central location. 

3CX offers free live chat for any website, as well as Facebook Messenger and SMS integrations. Providing these channels to customers is great, but agents must be able to respond, and importantly, review any client interactions no matter what channel they use.

Enabling the chat journaling feature for the Zoho CRM integration makes this easy. All chat messages are logged as a task record so full client communication history is readily available.

ProTip 5: Generate reports to keep track of productivity

Information empowers business owners and managers to make data-based decisions.

Zoho CRM and 3CX work hand in hand to deliver necessary information and ensure customer experience meets a high standard. 3CX can report metrics like call volumes, agent performance, and how chat messages are handled across all channels.

You can get 3CX free for one year, hosted by 3CX, in your private cloud or on-premise. Once you have your free system all set up, head over to the Zoho Marketplace to download the 3CX integration for Zoho CRM.

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